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35 days ago
8Found this on YouTube when searching for videos on Super Paper Mario within the last month https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2wKQ1YxxlIs

Title kind of seems click-bateish but I found it really interesting. Who knew the Korean copy had so many unused levels and what’s up with the cat-people in the background?


I believe the video said the cat-people were from an idea for a different unmade game by Intelligent Systems

Shining Fame

Oh I saw this video too! And yeah, I think that was just some unmade stuff that happened to be on the SPM disc, weird.

The Voice MV1

I'm not gonna lie, if SPM gets a remake on the Switch, it would be cool to see these unused sprites become part of a new world... (Perhaps a branch of the Sammer Kingdom that has actual gameplay outside of "Beat up Sammer Guys until the heat death of the universe?)

The Voice MV1
reply to Derp the patroopa64 posted 35 days ago

I think the next direct might be our lucky number. Just a hunch, tho.

reply to TheEvilShadoo posted 34 days ago

i actually found this video from the Cave Story Tribute Site Discord Server where somebody posted this video there, but yeah after posting the video on my Discord as well I figured that these maps and "characters" (that are actually part of the level geometry) may just be leftovers from a disc for another game that they were like "oh we still have this prototype we haven't used yet, but let's dump Super Paper Mario on this disc nobody will know anyways"

Derp the patroopa64
reply to The Voice MV posted 33 days ago

i really hope so

reply to Francis posted 33 days ago

I guess we can still hope,right?........no?...okay

33 days ago
2Wait...there's a forum just about changing profile pics?
The Voice MV

Why are you so surprised? This is hi-technical information!

KarToon 2

Just use all posts for now, it's simpler

KarToon 2
reply to PagerShy72 posted 31 days ago

PaperShy huh? Have the bronies finally invaded? The end draws nigh

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reply to TheEvilShadoo posted 31 days ago

Super Paper Mario would have been better if it was released on the gamecube


That would be super nice if they did

31 days ago
Guys I lied, because the direct is NEXT Thursday. My bad.
reply to MarioGamer posted 28 days ago

Idk either, but i just joined, WOOO! 2019!!

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This is still up because this place is still used by fans of Super Paper Mario, there may not be many here, but we care enough to keep it online to this day, there's the answer to everyone who is asking that question


Super Paper Mario was my second video game ever, it probably made me into the huge gaming nerd i am today

reply to ucantbeme posted 27 days ago

Is this a dirty rotten lie? (I really hope it isn't)

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reply to ihazkirbro posted 27 days ago

yea lol ecks deeee meee toooo


Haha idk. It's 2019 and I've just recently become obsessed with SPM so I'm glad that people on this website are still active

27 days ago
1Cool songs I think: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_HExXilKDcE https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3gfnsCiUtnk https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SPfMpqU5JMo

They really aren’t the best although Champion Of Destruction is ok nightcored although it’s pretty much sped up requiring no talent. Personally these are ok to me but I’m really only posting these for others who may enjoy them

26 days ago
2please understand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLIv_UXI_So
23 days ago
6Hey guys, I made a website near the end of last year and I implore you to check out what exists of it before I pull the plug. Only a few pages are there and I made a really stupid method of accessing them, but if you can figure it out you might find it mildly interesting, I dunno. http://browserodyssey.com/
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With all cryptic websites, the inspect tool is useful www.browserodyssey.com/portal


Cool, I took a peek at it but I’ll check it out later. As usual I’m on mobile in the mornings.


I thought it said Bowser Odyssey and was hoping it was DLC.

Derp the patroopa641
reply to Francis posted 21 days ago

i actually like this, it shows that they care about making the game as awesome as possible and il gladly wait another 10 years if it means getting a prime game as awesome as the original trilogy


Yeah, and this is especially good because we've gotten some very rushed games lately.

21 days ago
4The Wii Shop channel is closing its doors tonight. I got Fire Mario on my last download!

Nice! Rest in catchy music Wii shop

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Goodbye Wii Shop! When I had I Wii I never actually had the chance to buy anything from you!

20 days ago
3hi im new to this forum just wanted to say hi even though its dead

Maybe it is you that is dead.


u right

reply to MarioGamer posted 20 days ago

yeah I can't believe people are still active :D

reply to PigeonTheCat posted 20 days ago

I check this baby every day, which is more than I can say for some other websites.

reply to ucantbeme posted 19 days ago


Shining Fame4

I've already DM'd him and he didn't confirm if this is true or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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reply to ucantbeme posted 18 days ago

there's still stuff to find boys we need to keep going

reply to Shining Fame posted 18 days ago

I actually REALLY hope it's true.

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I'm okay if it's not true, also, here's some more details: They removed Francis as he was seen as offensive and replace him with a Sledge Bro Also they added a Count Blek clone for a new game plus mode named New Count Blek The game comes out in 2020

KarToon 2
reply to ucantbeme posted 16 days ago

I was really hoping for a challenge on getting to your pages. Ah well.

reply to ucantbeme posted 16 days ago

rip wii shop channel home of a mixed bag of good and bad wiiware games

reply to ucantbeme posted 16 days ago

neat but i can't find anything =^/

reply to TheEvilShadoo posted 15 days ago

Woah, that's actually pretty neat

12 days ago
3Oh my god. I remember playing spm when I was a kid and I looked this up and found it! It was magical.
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Well cool! I bet you had a good time on the earlier versions of Digibutter, also welcom to Digibutter 3.0