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reply to CONVICT JEVIL posted 29 days ago

I'm not brain dead, just a tweakydissopsychonaut with a few demons hehe


I agree, except for the "games played/beaten"... I'm pretty sure no one used that.


I'm nobody


open server

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KarToon 213

He's a good boy

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I'm not opening the Discord for him just because he's BEEN a good boy for the past 2 days

KarToon 211

We could handle him if he were to join, I think


Unless he's got a spam bot ...

KarToon 29

Which I can also handle

KarToon 28

Regardless he's not going to get on anytime soon


Well, I guess I'm fine with it then


Isn't the original link still working anyway?

KarToon 22

You're on the discord right?


I've been on it before but I don't even have a solid Discord account so I guess not really. I've been on it only once or twice.

Natasia Fan
28 days ago
6https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/343205286225510400/550050795857641494/MIMIMI.gif was gonna try maybe animating her in blender but i'm a complete noob with it so here's this instead!


Natasia Fan


Natasia Fan

I'm also gonna get started on Count Bleck or some other character so i have something to show next time.



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reply to KarToon 2 posted 28 days ago

Does anyone know a Discord account called Chaohord?

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27 days ago
Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough ~ Kiwano Temple You'll find the entrance to Kiwano Temple under the train track that you get into the area on but you have to use a roller to get across the spikes on the ground, but you can get a roller by hitting a pillar on the left side of the train track. You can use the roller to get across the spikes and to the door. The door is locked but if you use the Sharp Spike you get from the Toad Proffesor, you can open the door, once inside, avoid the spikes at the center of the room, fight the enemies and color the candles with red paint. Once you color the last candle, Jack the name I'm giving to-
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25 days ago
SiIvagunner is back! The channel has been restored, baby!
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that's mah boi slim, he smokes ass weed

24 days ago
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"ass weed"

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mine is nuxx#9345

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I sent the friend request then I can give you the invite


thx man

Derp the patroopa64
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he always seemed like a good guy who enjoyed his work though, i am sad to see him leave but i understand why he did it

Natasia Fan
22 days ago
6https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/416343717994037249/552296492908412938/Mimi2.png well uh there's this i've been busy lol
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oh yeah the mimi battle in the sammer kingdom


Keep at it! These look so good.

21 days ago
1I forgot about the Yaoi forum
Derp the patroopa64
21 days ago
pkemon news guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOPVBm0sA7Q
Natasia Fan
reply to ucantbeme posted 21 days ago

thanks! I try to make em as accurate as I can(and obviously; roblox studio not displaying exact numbers so I have *some* creative liberties, like Mimi's Arms, legs & Pigtail things are bigger than they should be lol)

Princess Peach

Looking great! I love her dress!

Shining Fame1

I think you should try to use blender a bit more because it's nice to get out of you comfort zone and try other things, and I bet you could learn a lot of new techniques and tricks from blender too

20 days ago
5I don't really know what to post here. Something about Smash Bros maybe? Sure, why not. So, if anyone actually reads this, who do you all main in Smash Ultimate? I mostly play Lucas and Meta Knight, but I like to play as a lot of the other characters too, like Zelda, Luigi, and some others. I don't really like committing to one character.
Derp the patroopa64

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2p7Oa7fr8qQFin4-_VumWg take a guess

The Voice MV

Who else to main outside of the big cock crock who rocks your stocks by shutting shots leaving you shocked and gawked? AKA, King K Rool.

Natasia Fan
reply to Shining Fame posted 20 days ago

I am trying to use blender more, it does help in some ways, and I just need more practice with it.

Natasia Fan
reply to EpilepticBMO posted 20 days ago

I am a Mr. Game & Watch main, I just love his attacks and he can be really fun to play. Plus he just has a nice A e s t h e t i c.

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reply to ucantbeme posted 20 days ago

who can forget

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reply to EpilepticBMO posted 20 days ago

Luigi - he is green, I am green, green will conquer all

KarToon 2
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Yes, the Green Thunder shall dominate all that stand in his way