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Mr. L Productions
reply to Mr. L Productions posted 2 months ago

It has been revived... in the funniest way possible! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpCncA0bOhM&list=LLdlxK21YflrlRD1JgQxYdOg&index=2&t=2s

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Oh, I like those. I believe I've heard the Bleck one before, actually... I've gotten permission to use some remixes as well. Let me know if you want a new song for SPM2, I'd be willing to make something for you.

Mr. L Productions

Thanks, man! I'll let you know if I need anything.

Mr. L Productions22

I have two requests: 1) A slow, sad version of Bleck's Themes. Champion of Destruction or Count Bleck's Plan or something... 2) A final battle piece. Mix "Adventure's End" from M&L:DT, "The Last Cackletta's" introduction part from M&L:SS, and "Closing Battle" from SPM


I think I might be able to handle those, the Bleck one should be relatively simple but the finale might prove to be more difficult. Would you mind providing a little context for what's going on during each? It might help me get them to sound right for the situation.

Mr. L Productions20

Well, the finale is for a final battle against a character after he has become more powerful. I'm thinking Last Cackletta's intro part then blend Adventure's End and Closing Battle. The Bleck remix is for a sad moment where a character is ending their game. Not necessarily Count Bleck but his theme is gonna be used quite a bit. I can't give away much more because it's the final chapter and it would be huge spoilers.


Alright. Should be enough info, I've started on the Bleck theme.

Mr. L Productions18

Aw, thanks man! If you would like a role in SPM2, I'd be happy to give you one. I've got everything from major roles to one-liners.


Unfinished version of the Bleck theme, what do you think so far? https://musescore.com/user/34426762/scores/6437157

Mr. L Productions16

This is so good man! Thanks! If this is unfinished, then I can't wait to see it finished! Nice work, Dimentio! The Count will be pleased... (I'm gonna be Count Bleck/Blumiere!) If you don't mind, I actually have a lot of others that I could need your help with. But just focus on the one's I've already requested. I'm not making you make loads because you owe me 1,000,000 Rubees for shattering my incoveniently placed vase on top of a ? Block that you decided to punch or anything...

Count Bleck

Nice. Can't wait to see the finished product. Sure, Mr. L is Blumiere/Count Bleck. Not the guy who has called himself both Blumiere and Count Bleck on digibutter.nerr Oh well. Can't wait to watch it!


Thanks! I'm experimenting with the finale theme, Cackletta and Closing battle blend nicely but Adventure's end may be harder to implement. Will see what I can do. Just wondering, does Super Paper Mario 2 have a similar "time is running out" scenario to the original? I was thinking of having a clock ticking in the background for the finale.

Mr. L Productions13

It doesn't have a "Time is running out" scenario but I think the clock would work if it's a Castle Bleck style clock noise. Also, if you wish, you could sub out "Adventure's End" and use a bit of Blackout from Color Splash. I like that one. It might be easier.


I will still try to include a bit of Adventure's end, will try blackout. Edit: the first song is now finished (the link is still the same) https://musescore.com/user/34426762/scores/6437157

Mr. L Productions

Hey, that's really good thanks. Nice one! Any chance I could get this as well: “Fight Against An Armed Boss” from SMRPG: LOTSS and (“Showtime” from M&L: BIS *OR* "A Powerful Enemy Emerges" from SPM) for my Boss Battle theme

2 months ago
2lb: NerrBot: ReHatched v0.2 Alpha **Alpha update with a handful of small changes:** Big code restructure to make NB: RH look handsome, echo command is no longer able to echo spam Digibutter and NerrBot defends Digibutter when someone tries to use the echo command to spam, yesno command added with corresponding help command, custom value dice rolls now supported, NB:RH now posts a "Ready." message on connection, and NB: RH now actively tries to reconnect after disconnecting and posts a reconnected message upon reconnection. I wouldn't consider this update to be big feature-wise, but the code restructuring is going to help **a lot** for future updates. Turned the main file from 420 lines of code into 340, and now it's back up to 492 with this update's new code. 543 lines total across all of the files. More updates to come (hopefully) soon!

It's currently 1:00 AM EST. I'll most likely keep NB: RH up until sometime in the afternoon tomorrow for me, but there's a chance that I can keep my laptop on all day tomorrow. I want some sleep now. color=blue: Zzz

Mr. L Productions10
reply to Dimentio21 posted 2 months ago

So, how's it going with the final battle theme?


Here's what I've got so far: https://musescore.com/user/34426762/scores/6446393/s/s8acjZ?share=copy_link About how long does it have to be?

reply to TheEvilShadoo posted 2 months ago


Mr. L Productions8
reply to Dimentio21 posted 2 months ago

Wow Closing Battle and Last Cackletta blend real good. I'm thinking maybe a 3 minute thing. I can loop it if necessary.


It's already 2 minutes, 3 minutes should be no problem. Blackout doesn't work great either, so I might just stick with the first three you suggested.

Mr. L Productions

Ok. That's fine. Thanks

Mr. L Productions5

Plan changed! Could you use "Battle with King Olly" (Phase 1 of TOK final battle) instead of "Adventure's End". Might work better. Just a thought.


Will try that!

Mr. L Productions

Thanks. Let me know how you get on! :)

Mr. L Productions
2 months ago
1Thanks to everyone who subbed for the 100 Subs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6IrCe_WChY&t=13s
2 months ago
2lb: NerrBot: ReHatched Release v1.0 **HUGE feature update for the first release:** **Ha! You expected v0.3 Alpha, but you're actually getting Release v1.0!** I more than doubled the length of the code (main file length went from 492 to 1050 lines), and was up until 3:00 AM two nights in a row in order to complete this. NerrBot: ReHatched can now officially do **everything** that the original NerrBot could do, **and more!** **The Changes Include:** • Added commands: rate, online, time, tictactoe, flip, discord, and corresponding help commands for every one of them • Added functionality for listening for userupdate server events so NerrBot: ReHatched knows who's online at a given time • Added a command-universal NaN error message • Merged unnecessary utility files (dice and yesno) into the main file • Cleaned up the counter utility, turning it from 32 lines into 26 • Almost all functions other than Socket.io event functions now have docstring descriptions • The commands yesno and rate now require the arguments of a specific question and something to rate, respectively. You can no longer ask NerrBot: ReHatched to answer or rate nothing. • Fixed the bug where NerrBot: ReHatched was unable to access posts after disconnecting and reconnecting • Fixed the bug where the anti-echo spam function wouldn't get called if a user said "!rh echo !rh echo" more than two times in their message **P.S.** If there are any bugs, then they will most likely be with the tictactoe command. While I am confident in my work on the tictactoe feature, there was quite a lot of work to be done in order to (presumably, as of writing this) make it work. In fact, I would have released this update two days ago as v0.3 Alpha if I had decided to just leave the tictactoe command for the next update. With all of that said, I could use some help testing out these new features. Please, if you wish, begin to use NerrBot: ReHatched both for it's intended usage, and to help me find any new bugs. I hope that NerrBot: ReHatched will make a nice addition to the current state of Digibutter and possibly even cause more anons to stick arround and join the community. Finally, I don't want to get your hopes up, but there is a small possibility that I will be able to code in the functionality for NerrBot: ReHatched to calculate the year's posting statistics and the 2020 Poster of the year. My original goal back in August was to finish this before Christmas so I could showcase it off to the returning users. Even if I can't get this years total posting statistics, I will try my best to program in the functionality for next year. In conclusion, if Gold ever decides to get the original NerrBot running again for whatever reason, I will either take NerrBot: ReHatched down or transform it into a bot that serves an entirely different purpose. It is highly unlikely that NerrBot: ReHatched would work on any future Nerr 4.0 without heavy code modification anyway.
Mr. L Productions1

!rh tictactoe

NerrBot: ReHatched

Please specify an argument for the tictactoe command.

Mr. L Productions2
reply to Dimentio21 posted 2 months ago

Also, any possibility you could do a whole bunch of pieces for my soundtrack? It would be real helpful. If you want to be in it too you can! You're gonna get a big thanks on the credits!

2 months ago
3!rh discord
NerrBot: ReHatched2

Digibutter Unnoficial Discord (D.U.D.) official invite link: https://discord.gg/fRnV3kt




You’re welcome!

reply to Mr. L Productions posted 2 months ago

Well, I do have my own projects to worry about but I'd be happy to do a song now and then. I'll finish up with your current requests for now.

reply to Francis posted 2 months ago

Overall, I like TOK a lot better than CS. TOK is better than the previous 2 in every aspect, but there is still a lot to fix about it. Such as implementing EXP and adding new character designs, which Nintendo refuses to do with paper mario for some reason. I think that PM will get a lot better from here though since this is closest to the originals than the previous two.

reply to Dimentio21 posted 2 months ago

What is the story/premise for this game? Sorry, im new.

Mr. L Productions

Well that's fine. Of course, focus on your stuff first. I'm just a side project. Plus, this is gonna take forever at this rate, so you've got plenty of time. If you ever want more to do, I've got a lot that could need doing.

Mr. L Productions11

Premise of my game: NO SPOILERS! Premise of Dimentio21's game: I don't know.

reply to Icy_A posted 2 months ago

Yeah, I think we were all hoping that Nintendo would have an epiphany with TOK and realize their flaws with the previous two Paper Mario games, but now like you said in your reply, here we go waiting again. Also, welcome to Digibutter!

reply to Mr. L Productions posted 2 months ago

Premise of my game: basically E. Gadd's experiment goes wrong and creates a virus (no relation to a certain real-life virus), the virus brings Dimentio back to life, Dimentio uses the virus to take over everyone's minds and turn them into puppet slaves, then rips apart the world itself (I mean, it is paper after all) and creates his own perfect world inside the rip. Mario and co. form a team and work to protect the multiverse from Dimentio's apocalypse. The rip also opens up the doors to other worlds, so a couple characters from outside the Paper Mario series might make an appearance... There will be answers to unanswered questions from throughout the Mario series as well...

Dimentio Productions9

Not gonna lie, that's sounds pretty good. Ok, here's mine: A long time ago in a Kingdom far, far away... SUPER PAPER MARIO 2 The Legend of the Paragons Rumours have surfaced the DIMENTIO has returned to the MUSHROOM KINGDOM. MARIO & LUIGI go to where DIMENTIO is said to be held: in the castle of an unknown being known simply as LUFWAF.... Also, a Legend has been revealed. Six Paragons, people who embody certain characteristics, roam the Kingdom, most unaware of their title. Forces of evil look to capture the Paragons in order to use their power for bad, whilst allies look to recruit old friends and new faces to take down DIMENTIO and his business associate. Meanwhile, a Duplighost named DOOCHRIS (literally Chris with Doo on the front, possibly related to Doopliss) looks to cause chaos at every possibility. While allies are focused on stopping DIMENTIO, they have no idea what his true plan is or who the Paragons are and what their purpose is... Anyone interesting in signing up for a role as the voice of any of my characters?

Dimentio Productions
reply to Mr. L Productions posted 2 months ago

Who are you and why did you take my videos? Are you an imposter Dimentio? I AM THE ONE TRUE GUY HERE! Nah, it's still me, Mr. L!

reply to Dimentio Productions posted 2 months ago

Sounds good! I was wondering what this was about. What kind of characters need voicing?

Dimentio Productions7

Ill put up a list soon. It's loads of things from main characters to minor or 1-liner characters.

Dimentio Productions6

List of available roles: Peach Luigi/Mr. L Fawful/Lufwaf Flint Cragley Waluigi Daisy Wario DooChris Merlon Saffron Nastasia Snif Mimi Francis Spike Dry Bones Boo Jeff (A Goomba) Goombaluigi Goompeach Goomboshi [Redacted] [Redacted] Petey Piranha Boolossus Doopliss Goomba Koopa Troopa Monty Mole Sombrero Guy Also, Dimentio21, how is the Final Battle Theme coming on? Did you figure out how to use Battle With King Olly?

Dimentio21 Productions5

I'd like to voice Flint Cragley or Jeff, maybe both if they don't have a ton of lines. As for the final battle theme, I'm nearly done and did throw in part from Olly's battle theme. I avoided using it too much though, as it's unfortunately in 3:4 time, so it sounds a little weird. I'll update the link I sent.

Dimentio Productions4

I thought you'd want Cragley. We can do that for you! He's a main character. Jeff is a minor character from the first part of Chapter 5, so not too much work there.

Dimentio21 Productions3

What kind of personality does Jeff have?