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Sexx(Iest) Trick(Iest)
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30 days ago
2Happy 4/20, nerrs. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.* I woke up at 4:20am today for mostly unrelated reasons. color=lightgrey: *I don’t seriously condone smoking.

i love weed day

Sexx(Iest) Trick(Iest)

Hitler Day < Columbine Shooting < Everything else that coincidentally happened today < Weed smoker time

Sexx(Iest) Trick(Iest)
28 days ago
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24 days ago
6Big space mars money man bought the blue bird. I’m excited for the algorithms to go open source if he stays true to his word. Still, I dislike the platform. There’s already enough people on there to be full of themselves. https://www.twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1518677066325053441?cxt=HHwWgsCyrduvtpMqAAAA

sometimes i think it's worse than r*ddit


I concur

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Please say you're joking

Mr. L Productions3
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Mmm, yes. Musk is a pretty decent guy

Mr. L Productions
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I saw this movie. It was good. Everything with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman was golden. Everything else was... perhaps not so. A weird way to bring G.U.N. into the equation, but it needed to be done for how the next movie's gonna go (probably gonna be very Sonic Adventure 2 inspired). Overall verdict: 6/10. When the 4 main characters are on screen, I'm interested. The rest of the time, not so much. Best new movie I've seen this year: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (buddy comedy adult drama action meta-comedy starring Nic Cage as Nic Cage and 90s Nic Cage, also starring Pedro Pascal)


Kind of, I guess. I wrote that review right after seeing the movie, so the let down was pretty fresh in my mind at the time. I know I was harsh, but it just didn't really move me. As I posted in NerrChat though, Jim Carrey was still spot-on, as always.

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No, we are not freed we are “under new management” PS he’s only rich because he’s a trust fund kid who benefited off of apartheid in South Africa as well as Child Labor (Modern chocolate companies also use child slavery in Africa, even though they have pledged not to)

The Bitlord1

Hasn't he been spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic?

Sexx(Iest) Trick(Iest)

Yeah lol (Also isn’t L british? actually nvm it’s still a thing there)

Sexx(Iest) Trick(Iest)
20 days ago
6For the first (or umpteenth time depending on your perspective) in digi history, the dumb is where it’s at.

It's like the dump party of 2022.

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It brings me great joy

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God I love him! So cool he’s still doing roles.

Sexx(Iest) Trick(Iest)
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Dumpissaince (which is sadly over)


the dump is fun, i like the dump

Mr. L Productions1
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Uh... Jim Carrey just announced retirement. ~~He could change his mind at any time though~~

Mr. L Productions
17 days ago
4Don't mind me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esD4IKLyOW4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evivxe8FjZg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW1FxbGim28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PiSpFLleX4
Mr. L Productions3
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Don't apologise for being a good critic.

Sexx(Iest) Trick(Iest)

Good for him :D


Thanks. I stand by both of my posts though.

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Yeah, it’s really pretty nice and clean these days.

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Keep it up, Mr. L!

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I remember the bad ol days when it was penis yaoi penis penis

Mr. L Productions1
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I'm just disappointed Eggman didn't say "SnooPING AS usual, I see" and Knuckles didn't say "Do u no da wae?"

Sexx(Iest) Trick(Iest)


12 days ago
3HIGH TECHNICALL!!!!!!!!! anyone here?

a few of us remain in this ghost town, yes

Mr. L Productions1

Does that make us ghosts?


we're nerrs

Mr. L Productions2
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Keeping on keeping it up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OYF0bQ0HQU



7 days ago
6Wait this is a thing- I was legit just replaying Super Paper Mario and I saw Francis mention this website, and all I could think was "wait is that an actual website" and here I am!

yeah this is a thing, has been since 2007 not very active anymore but it's cool


Yeah, what Ambient said. You should definitely stick around, it’s been pretty lonely here for the past decade, though I’ve only been around for almost half of that now. We’re a super cool little hidden community these days, and we even have an unofficial Discord server as well to encourage nerrs to not just leave after 5 femtoseconds.


Is it a possibility I could have a server link?


oh neat another one


!rh discord

NerrBot: ReHatched

Digibutter Unnoficial Discord (D.U.D.) official invite link: https://discord.gg/fRnV3kt

6 days ago
2How make pfp ples

you do it from the login screen

Yog worshipper

yea i found out thanks

6 days ago
3While lacking the finesse and extra versatile hands that come paired with the L-Type (Land-Type), the S-Type (Space-Type) is still a considerably reasonable choice to take out for a joyride thanks to its ability to effectively move around in a zero-gravity environment. Built for space, this narcissistically built maniacal mechanized machine will send any troublesome trio of heroes and companions running for their life! (lmao kinda just made this because the lil' goofer in his brobot makes me laugh, thought it'd be appropriate to share the art on the fan-made website spawned from the same game the art was made in light of) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/480179376592388096/974597206327836692/Mr._L.png