After testing out various new site styles, I have decided on a new layout!
Posted by Francis Apr 01 2011 18:18 GMT in Digibutter News
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You may have noticed the "Styles" options below the cbox, this was me testing out different visual layouts for the site.  I have concluded that this new style is the best as it gives a full screen of posts with a strong visual impact.

Hover over the page and click on the Show Menus link in the upper left to show the menus and cbox.



Apparently you guys can't handle the future of blog interface design. Way ahead of it's time.
Reply by Francis Apr 02 2011 14:10 GMT
i think it was ahead of itself, being broken and whatnot
Reply by Viddd Apr 02 2011 22:01 GMT
Put it in the list of styles beneath the Cbox
Call it "Perfect" or "Futuristic"
Reply by ©na Apr 02 2011 22:16 GMT

I'm not gonna lie,

Of all the April Fools jokes I came across in several games and websites, this is the only one that actually got me to rage a bit.

Thank god that the Visual style reverted it to near-normal status for me.

Reply by Maiq the Liar Apr 02 2011 23:05 GMT

Maiq I present Smashboards. For the entirety of Friday, it played Rebecca Black's "Friday", turned the background yellow, and had a banner up saying "Friday World Forums". It started automatically and had a pause button tucked into the corner. The pause button was the only saving grace. I did not refresh for the ENTIRE day.

Reply by Linkshot Apr 02 2011 23:47 GMT
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