Hello everyone! I am Lucus Centrillion Surpress (My character's name), but you call can just call me Lucus. Nice to meet all of you!
Posted by CirnouliK Jun 22 2013 21:24 GMT in Introductions
- Like?


Good day, dear sir

Reply by Doopliss Jun 22 2013 21:26 GMT
we don't roleplay here
Reply by Ignorant Jun 22 2013 21:27 GMT
ignorant is roleplaying as his grumpy alter ego.
Reply by Fortran Jun 22 2013 21:34 GMT
don't be a dick, ignorant
you are very welcome here Lucus
Reply by Lord Crump Jun 22 2013 21:59 GMT
Thanks for the friendly replies, guys.
Reply by CirnouliK Jun 22 2013 22:04 GMT
Reply by hero of time Jun 22 2013 22:26 GMT
you'll have to excuse iggy, he hasn't yet conformed to our hivemind. He's trying though.
Reply by Fortran Jun 22 2013 22:30 GMT
Reply by Super-Claus Jun 23 2013 00:57 GMT
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