7 Years a Nerr
Posted by Francis Apr 17 2014 04:10 GMT in Digibutter News
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This anerrversarry marks a new beginning for digibutter. The long awaited NERR 3.0 has hatched and will soon be evolving into it's next phase. I haven't flipped the switch just yet, but this site (2.0) will soon transition to cryogenic read-only mode and we will all enter into a glorious new era of posting + platforming.

You will tell your children that back in your day you used forums running on PHP and MySQL that worked in IE6, and they will look at you and shrug their shoulders as they go back to posting VR youtube-poop on digibutter.nerr 9.0 with their Oculus Rifts running an HTMLX2 browser powered by the Faceboogle Cloud


HE COMES. WINTER IS NEAR. NEA̶R̷. Ņ͘E̴̶E͘E̡̘̕A̵̸̜͔̗͓͖A̞̠͢A̸̶͔̻ͬ̊Aͩ̋̒̍ͯ̂̊̑҉͖̞̱̹̠̹̟Ā̫̤̜̠̞ͮR͓͔̲̣̺̬̞̆͌̽̒ͬͫ̕Ŗ̴̝͔̱̖͊͋̔̎̇͆Rͦ̏͑ͤ҉̶̼̹͓̺̲̜̭̣̫̮̣̯̮͈͘͞R̶̠͎͉̝͍͖̃̽͊͛ͫ͂͆̍̍ͣͯ̿̽ͭ̈̓̈͢͢͟.̴̠͔̙̻̩̍̀̀̾͟.ͯ̎ͫ̎͊̿ͬ̏̽҉̲̳̠̦͍̩̭̞̗̺̯͝
Reply by Fortran Apr 17 2014 04:20 GMT
Hopefully this transition is more cleaner than the last one
Reply by Fallen Shade Apr 17 2014 04:46 GMT


Reply by Doopliss Apr 17 2014 05:07 GMT
Goodbye NERR 2.0
Though I won't miss you as much as NERR 1.0, I'll still miss you
Reply by Slim Apr 17 2014 05:18 GMT
I won't, this layout is shit. I did like how new posts always came to the top though, that was a lot nicer than hunting for new posts in the old forum.
Reply by Fortran Apr 17 2014 06:25 GMT
Reply by Mega-Sandy Apr 17 2014 15:38 GMT
this site deserves a 21 gun salute
Reply by Super-Claus Apr 18 2014 00:04 GMT
here's to seven more years of shitposts
Reply by Lord Crump Apr 18 2014 01:27 GMT
I ended up having a dream about Nerr 3.0 last night in light of all this, in which Francis launched the new system and turned Betalands into an isomorphic/top-down game with a series of rooms relevant to features on the website. The lower down you proceeded through the game world the more things would happen (though I can't remember exactly what - there was a depth gauge of some kind viewable in the menu with specific intervals on it).
Is there a finite ETA for the launch of Nerr 3.0, or is it a little early for that? Should we be expecting any new features/layout that has yet to appear on the beta site? Is Betalands getting an update alongside it?
Happy seventh birthday Digibutter, onto year eight!
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Apr 18 2014 19:15 GMT
in nerr 3.0 franis will have a page with the unity webplayer embedded in it and it will be franis: rebirth
Reply by Lord Crump Apr 19 2014 01:36 GMT
and all I'll see is a blank box because that would be proprietary software and not something I'd have installed
Reply by Fortran Apr 19 2014 03:39 GMT

Proud that y'all are still alive, Digibutts.  I had a conversation about flashing back to 2007 with some folks, and you guys were my go-to story.

Reply by ? Block May 02 2014 04:34 GMT

See you again in three years, ? block.

Reply by Grievous May 02 2014 04:57 GMT

Where the *crag* is nerr 3.0

Reply by Grievous Mar 05 2015 04:29 GMT
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