Ballot pollings acoording to reddit users
Posted by Super-Claus Apr 04 2015 10:31 GMT in Super-Claus
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This is the polling as it stands out of a few thousand reddit users who told this guy what they voted for. Glad to see Bayonetta and Geno are so high up on the list. 


I'd be fine with K. Rool getting in.
Reply by lain Apr 04 2015 12:17 GMT

Characters from this list that I think are dumb and come from dumb people:

  • Banjo & Kazooie and other ridiculous third-parties (they just won't happen?)
  • Any pokemon that isn't Sceptile (and Sceptile to some extent)
  • Pokemon Trainer (dude just piss off)
  • Assist trophies and stage hazards (if only we could get rid[ley] of all those votes)
  • Krystal (pls leave furries, you don't need your imaginary love interest in smash to fap to it)
  • All characters that would be obvious clones (Doops wants characters that are new and exciting)
  • All the names I don't even recognise (who is Prince Fluff!?)
Reply by Doopliss Apr 04 2015 13:05 GMT

Also super happy that paper mary-o is so high.

On another note things from the list that might be cool that I hadn't considered include Monster Hunter/Palico and a fourth mii fighter (mii wizard or mii engineer or something else rad).

And finally I know I said no assist trophies but I kind of want Waluigi because gosh darnit I love comic relief characters.

Reply by Doopliss Apr 04 2015 13:12 GMT
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