Mario Kart 8 200cc Tournament April 25th
Posted by Super-Claus Apr 10 2015 03:29 GMT in Super-Claus
- Like?

Mark your calendars kiddies, we're having ourselves a 200cc tournament on the 25th, 2 days after the 200cc update goes live. Post your NNID down below alongside suggestions for the tournament format, thanks and happy racing!

NNID: Dimfish


NNID: Quintin

Can't really think of any suggestions except to have a cattle prod ready for when it stagnates

Reply by Grievous Apr 11 2015 07:26 GMT
4 Grand Prix races, at the end of each Grand Prix the 3 racers who came in last are knocked off and cannot participate from there out. Winner of the final Grand Prix wins the tournament. This will give us an even 16 races.
Reply by Super-Claus Apr 11 2015 16:33 GMT
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