Posted by Francis Apr 15 2010 05:09 GMT in Digibutter News
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You can now access a lite version of the site, good for smartphones and other devices that can't handle the full site in all it's glory. I'm actually making this post with my phone. It should auto-detect if you are using a mobile, but if it doesn't or you want to see it from your computer, click on the "view mobile site" link under the chat box.


This is really *crag*ing cool, especially with the RSS feeds.

Reply by Popple Apr 15 2010 05:12 GMT

That's pretty awesome. Should make surfing on a PSP easier.

Reply by MattTheSpratt Apr 15 2010 10:31 GMT
this is amazing
Reply by Nastasia Apr 15 2010 14:18 GMT
Reply by Slim Apr 15 2010 14:20 GMT
doesnt work on DSi ):
Reply by darkz Apr 16 2010 14:58 GMT
It sorta works on DSi (prevents an 'out of memory' error), but it's too wide for the regular view and messy on the column view.
Still, it makes it much easier to view the site on the DSi.
Reply by Gold Prognosticus Apr 16 2010 15:00 GMT
It works like a charm on the droid.
Reply by Jr The Dark Knight Apr 16 2010 21:27 GMT
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