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Posted by Joystiq Mar 29 2011 16:36 GMT
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Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition will apparently make its way to the UK in some form this June. Eurogamer has taken note of the British Board of Film Classification rating, which has the latest version of the fighter dated for June 24.

If the classification is for consoles, it goes against previous statements made by Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono, but would play into cryptic tweets he's made about Arcade Edition DLC. The new version would likely include the four new playable characters: Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu.

We've contacted Capcom to clarify exactly what's going on here. If the BBFC also classifies arcade machines, the DLC hints and classification could be two separate stories on parallel lines. However, if the classification is for consoles, it's still unclear if the new game will be a DLC code in a new retail box, or if current SSF4 owners will be able to buy it as a DLC expansion. Ono keeps using the term "DLC," so we'd lean toward it being the latter.

Posted by Joystiq Mar 29 2011 03:00 GMT
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Two fighting game streaming giants, iPlayWinner and Level | Up Series, are teaming up to help raise money for Japan the only way they know how: by kicking ass. Simultaneous tournaments in Union City and Irvine, California will be streamed online as one massive show. Fight for Relief will feature giveaways, interviews and competition in Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3 from some of the best in the scene, including EG Justin Wong, Alex Valle, John Choi and others.

The fundraiser kicks off this Sunday, April 3, with all tournament proceeds and donations being given to Japan through, a site that facilitates the actual giving of the money. We imagine flying to Japan with a giant briefcase stuffed full of cash just isn't the most practical way to do it.

If you want to sign up for either tournament, there isn't any pre-registration; just show up to either the NorCal venue or the SoCal venue with some cash and your fight stick and throw down!

Posted by IGN Mar 25 2011 10:43 GMT
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You're not going to be able to use the latest Super Street Fighter IV roster addition unless you have access to an arcade. Well, for now at least...

Posted by Giant Bomb Mar 23 2011 19:51 GMT
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Platform: (3DS)

4 out of 5

 You can keep it classy in pro mode or assign supers and specials to the touch screen in lite mode. The Nintendo 3DS version of Super Street Fighter IV is a great portable version of a great fighting game. It also might be the most fully featured 3DS game available alongside the new handheld's launch, offering support for almost every major system-level item that the 3DS has to offer, like StreetPass, Play Coins, and online support. And though none of them are as successful as a joystick and two rows of three buttons, Capcom has included a lot of different control options in an attempt to cater to a large number of players of varying skill levels. The catch there is that some of the control options make not-so-welcome changes to the way the game plays, potentially impacting the quality of the versus experience.

SSFIV on the Nintendo 3DS has almost all of the features found in the console versions of the game. There's a trial mode to let you bang out combos, you can set a player icon and title, you can fight through the arcade mode and get interrupted with online fight requests, and so on. Even the achievement system from the other versions make it over here via a custom list of medals that you can unlock. It has all 35 of the characters, and they even get a couple of the alternate costumes that required an extra purchase on the 360 and PS3. You can play through the arcade mode and get the same type of intro images and conclusions that you saw on consoles, and, well, you get the idea. The only missing features come on the online side, where you can match up against other players and fight them, but the tournament options and large lobbies found on consoles aren't here.

New features are also included, like 500 character figurines that you can unlock via a spinning wheel. Each of these figures has a level, number of hit points, and other statistics associated with them. It's your job to assemble a strong team of five figures, which make up your StreetPass team. Then, at least in theory, you just walk around your hometown with your 3DS in sleep mode, and whenever you encounter another player that's doing the same thing, you'll exchange team data and a completely passive battle will occur. When you launch the game, any StreetPass battles you've engaged in are posted to a log, and you'll earn additional figure points--which are used to purchase more figures--for winning those battles. You can also earn figure points by simply playing the game in any other mode, or you can exchange a Play Coin for one spin of the figure-unlocking wheel. It's a basic system, but it integrates quite nicely with the handheld's various passive features.

 There are 500 little figures to collect and use for StreetPass battles. Super Street Fighter IV is best played on a six-button controller, with all six buttons on the face of the device. The 3DS, by default, sets things up like they were on the Super Nintendo, with your hard punch and kick buttons on the shoulders. It's less than ideal, but usually works well enough. The game also puts four large buttons on the touch screen that can be assigned in a variety of ways. In the default "lite" control scheme, special moves are mapped to these buttons, so your super or ultra combo is always a button press away, as are two special moves. You can configure exactly what you want on those buttons, so if you'd rather have push-button access to all three speeds of Ryu's fireball, that's an option, as well. The configuration is saved on a per-character basis, letting you set up each fighter just the way you like. You can also enable auto-blocking, which works as advertised. If someone throws an attack in your direction and you're not in the middle of attacking or recovering, you'll block it. The catch is that the damage is temporarily shown on your life meter, almost as if you absorbed the blow with a focus attack. The life slowly restores to your meter, but if you're hit with an actual attack, all of that potential energy is drained. This helps keep players honest and prevents the auto-blocking from getting too powerful.

In the pro control setting, you can only place multi-button combinations onto those touch screen buttons. By default it'll let you pull off a focus attack or push all three punch or kick buttons simultaneously. But the rest of the game plays as it did on consoles. You'll have to execute all of the moves on your own, something that isn't too tough to do with the system's D-pad, though my big left hand certainly cramped up a bit after putting some serious time in with the game.

The big control problem in the 3DS version of this game is that the lite mode breaks the rules of the game, allowing for balance-changing situations that would be impossible under normal circumstances. Specifically, charge moves--Guile's flash kick, for example--can be executed without them charging first. Without the need to hold down for a moment before rising up into a flash kick, Guile can follow his sonic boom projectile in and, if the other player decides to jump over the projectile, Guile can flash kick them right out of the air, no questions asked. This gets frustrating when you take the game online.

When you attempt to find an online opponent, the default option lets players with either control scheme intermingle, and you don't know ahead of time if the other player is using auto-block or which attacks they have mapped to the touch screen. But it's easy to tell once a fight has begun, as players flash whenever an auto-block is performed. I've played quite a bit of Street Fighter over the years, but the way moves can come up without being charged is forcing me to unlearn the rules of the game, something that'll probably make me worse at playing the game on consoles in the long run. And even though dismantling these players isn't all that hard once you know what to expect, tt's just no fun to fight Guile after Guile, knowing that they just intend to execute standing flash kicks whenever possible. Now, you can filter your searches to ensure that you're only matched up with pro mode players, but in my experience, almost no one is playing that way. I found exactly one taker when searching specifically for pro mode players... and he quit after I beat him once. Frustrating. 

 The console version's achievement system comes over in the form of medals. Visually, SSFIV looks great and makes good use of the platform's 3D option. The backgrounds sink into the screen effectively, giving a great sense of depth while also not causing the same sort of swimmy stomach that some 3D games can. Of course, the impact of 3D on your constitution will vary, so if you don't want to deal with it at all, you can always disable it. While the backgrounds do look great, they're also completely static. All of that movement from the console versions of the game is gone, so the hippo won't walk up to you over the course of a match, and you can't dragon punch the wing off of that plane. Even without those animations, though, the game still looks great. In an attempt to emphasize the 3D capabilities of the display, Capcom has included a "3D view" option that gives you a sort of over-the-shoulder camera angle on the fight. In a game that places such value on knowing how much space is between you and the other fighter, playing around with the camera angle seems like a misguided feature that detracts from the experience. But it's optional and worth looking at once or twice, just to see how the 3D makes it all look.

Getting into online matches quickly and easily is probably Super Street Fighter IV's strongest component. It even seems to be faster and more reliable than its console counterparts, with none of the "unable to join session" errors that plague Capcom's other fighting games, but once a rush of domestic players get their hands on the system, it's anyone's guess about how that will change. It's just a bit disappointing that most of those online matches are slightly marred by the way the lite mode allows players to perform tasks that would be impossible under normal circumstances. But even with that caveat, the numerous features and options make Super Street Fighter IV one of the best games available at the launch of the 3DS.    

Posted by Joystiq Mar 03 2011 16:20 GMT
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Before the Super Turbo Hyper BBQ HD Ultra Mega Remixes there was just plain ol' Street Fighter 2, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. Capcom posted a birthday reminder for its classic fighter, which was born two decades ago in the arcades (remember those?).

Since 1991, Street Fighter 2 has seen six arcade iterations and near countless ports across consoles, PCs and handhelds (Tiger even!). Chances are you've played the game a time or two ... and had your pixelated butt unceremoniously handed to you.

Posted by Kotaku Feb 25 2011 08:00 GMT
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#superstreetfighteriv Nintendo is recommending players take breaks every fifteen minutes while playing the 3DS in 3D. Who plays video games for fifteen minutes? More »

Posted by Joystiq Feb 25 2011 06:15 GMT
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If you were looking forward to one day buying the "Arcade Edition" of Super Street Fighter IV on a PS3 or Xbox 360 disc (or even 3DS cartridge), you can go ahead and put that money toward something else. (Marvel vs. Capcom 3, maybe?) Producer Yoshinori Ono told Famitsu (via Andriasang) that Capcom has no plan to release the Arcade Edition for home consoles.

The reason lies in the game balance. The Arcade Edition includes characters who are deliberately unbalanced -- we're thinking Oni and Evil Ryu here -- in order to build "competitive spirit" among the people who hang out at arcades and play in short sessions. The home version of Super Street Fighter IV has been designed to better equalize the characters.

Of course, the absence of a standalone console release of the arcade version of the game doesn't preclude the release of Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun and Yang as Super Street Fighter IV DLC -- something Ono has proposed before.

Posted by Kotaku Feb 24 2011 13:30 GMT
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#video This spring, the story of pro gamer Mike Ross is getting the feature-length documentary treatment. The film is a portrait of how Ross spent 2010, traveling around the country and competing in Street Fighter. More »

Posted by Kotaku Feb 24 2011 12:15 GMT
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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition producer Yoshinori Ono says there are no plans for the game to appear on home consoles. Bummer! More »

Posted by Kotaku Feb 15 2011 04:00 GMT
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#video We've already seen how dramatic, Street Fighter IV-style ultra combos look in real life. But Thousand Pounds' previous combo video was kind of a sausage fest. This time, the fairer sex shows off some ultra combo ass kicking. More »

Posted by Joystiq Feb 02 2011 16:49 GMT
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At this time last year, Capcom was thanking Monster Hunter Tri for helping the company boost its 2009 year-end financial results. Today, Capcom heralded the monstrous shipments of Monster Hunter Freedom 3 that closed out 2010 and propelled the publisher's profits up nearly 300 percent in a nine-month period. During the first three quarters of its current fiscal year (which ends March 31, 2011), Capcom netted ¥6.836 billion (nearly $84 million) in profit -- up from just ¥1.731 the same period the year before. Sales of "Consumer Online Games" (what we call "video games," excluding mobile content) were the driving force, totaling ¥54.057 billion ($663.6 million) -- a bit more than 76 percent of total sales for the business, which includes arcade and amusement ("slot machine") operations.

Joining Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (currently only available in Japan), Capcom noted three additional "million-sellers" in the nine-month period (April-December 2010): Dead Rising 2 (with more than 2 million units shipped); Super Street Fighter IV (1.6 million units shipped "mainly to Europe and the United States"); and Lost Planet 2 (1.5 million sold -- "though the figure was less than [the] projected shipment").

During the period, Capcom also worked on "rebuilding the development departments comprising our core competence" in an effort to shift greater resources to its mobile operations, with specific focus on social gaming. Sales of "Mobile Contents" for the three quarters amounted to a modest ¥2.383 billion ($29.25 million), led by a bevy of iPhone releases and some "positive surprises," including the popularity of The Smurfs' Village on Facebook. And Capcom hasn't even accounted for all the MaXplosion press in January yet!

Posted by Kotaku Feb 01 2011 21:30 GMT
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#streetfighteriv When Street Fighter IV's ultra combos are recreated in the real world, is the result silly looking and totally bad-ass? As "action company" Thousand Pounds, demonstrates, it's somewhere in the middle. More »

Posted by Joystiq Jan 24 2011 00:15 GMT
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Now that Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is proliferating throughout arcades, players are rapidly unlocking the two new hidden characters, Evil Ryu and "Oni." Both fighters are strong, with reduced vitality to balance them. "Oni" looks significantly different from Akuma, with glowing white flames for hair. And Evil Ryu, as in previous Street Fighter games, is a stronger, faster version of Ryu with some of Akuma's abilities.

IPlayWinner has compiled full move sets for both characters, allowing you to study up before you attempt to take on the denizens of your local game center. Check past the break for video of both characters in action (with some NSFW commentary from players), and find more at Shoryuken.

[Thanks, Paul and Jim!]

Posted by Kotaku Jan 14 2011 13:30 GMT
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#arcade For years, Daigo Umehara tore up arcades and tournaments with the character Ryu from Street Fighter. Not anymore. They've broken up. More »

Posted by Kotaku Jan 13 2011 01:00 GMT
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#nintendo3ds Nintendo's clumsy method for connecting Wii and Nintendo DS players to others online, the dreaded Friend Code system, may be returning for the Nintendo 3DS if a report from magazine Famitsu is accurate. More »
oh nooooo
That's because you're a fag Dim.
But I guess even the PSP doesn't have a friend system, so I guess it's a step up.

Posted by Joystiq Jan 12 2011 05:00 GMT
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Fans of downloadable convenience might like to know that Super Street Fighter 4 and Need for Speed Shift are now available via Xbox Live Games on Demand. SSF4 is available for $40, while Shift is a slightly more palatable $30. Oh, Operation Darkness -- the WWII strategy game with vampires and zombies -- is also available today for $40. You know, in case you were waiting for it.

Posted by Joystiq Jan 06 2011 05:00 GMT
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The Evo fighting game championship will be a little different this year. You'll still lose at Super Street Fighter IV a bunch of times if you compete -- so it won't be that different. But the organizers have partnered with fighting game tournaments in the US and elsewhere to create a series of Evo ranking events. There are also online tournaments (the Xbox Live one has passed) for people who can't reach the event locations, including a PSN tournament on Saturday, January 22.

All of these small-time tourneys will lead up to the main event, the Evolution World Finals, at the Rio Casino in Vegas, from July 29 through July 31.

Posted by Joystiq Jan 04 2011 18:30 GMT
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One difference between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Super Street Fighter IV can be hard to see: Opponents' DLC costumes are invisible to PlayStation Network players who haven't also purchased the outfits. On Xbox Live, there's a simple solution in free "Catalog" add-ons that install the DLC assets on a user's hard drive, in order to show them worn on online opponents who have purchased and dressed up in the alternate costumes. To date, the free updates have not been offered on PSN. They likely never will be -- and Capcom tells us why.

"When you add new data to an existing product, there are significant costs to do so charged by the first parties," Capcom community shepherd Seth Killian explained in a forum post on the topic of the "invisible" PSN costumes. "On XBL, those costs were covered by Microsoft," and thus the Catalog DLC is free to download.

"For Sony, those significant costs are not covered," Killian added. "The story is a bit more complicated because the costs of adding new data vary by region in some cases, and some additions are free, or free within a certain timeframe, etc., but the bottom line in this particular case is that Sony would [have] charged Capcom significant fees for distributing the new costume data to users that hadn't actually bought the DLC."

The story is indeed more complicated: In a sense, the Catalog updates aren't free, since the only Xbox Live users that benefit from them are Gold members who play SSFIV online. And, of course, Gold subscribers pay a fee for that privilege, which in turn allows Microsoft to cover the costs of updates like the costume data. Do we sense a new Plus perk in the making?

Posted by Joystiq Dec 30 2010 01:00 GMT
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It would be juvenile of us to laugh at the typos on the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition cabinet, so we're reporting about them for the purpose of ... ah, hell, we're laughing at them. "Guird by saving attack," the instructions on the cabinet read. "Chuse and attack." If someone tried to play this game as the first experience with Street Fighter, would he or she know how to "Shoot special comb"?

For that matter, would anyone learn anything useful from "Change power by the time," or "Can cancel attack by saving make your comb!" In the old Street Fighters, at least, only the voices that were totally incomprehensible.

Posted by Kotaku Dec 29 2010 09:30 GMT
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#screengrab Here's hoping you don't rely on the printed instructions next time you slip some Yen into the arcade edition of Super Street Fighter IV. As seen on EventHubs. More »

Posted by Kotaku Dec 18 2010 01:20 GMT
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#arcade Pick your favorite Street Fighter competition moment - like this - and most likely it stars Daigo Umehara, as Ryu. That's coming to an end, the world champ said, after getting a look at Super Street Fighter IV's arcade edition. More »

Posted by Joystiq Dec 08 2010 10:00 GMT
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Without a thorough understanding of the mechanics, meta-mechanics and super secret meta-meta-mechanics of Super Street Fighter IV, this video clip might not seem like a big deal. Trust us, though -- this guy's 149-hit Chun-Li barrage might just be the most impressive combo we've ever seen.

Posted by Joystiq Dec 07 2010 21:00 GMT
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The Hit Box, a stick-less alternative to the classic arcade setup, represents an unusual form of input for fighting game enthusiasts. Essentially, the device takes the knobby portion of the controller and turns it into four buttons. Playing a fighting game just became more akin to using a funky keyboard!

The device is the brainchild of the Husser Brothers (Brian and Dustin). If you're interested in the extreme details of its design, you should check out a lengthy post on Shoryuken. If you're interested in purchasing one, you can contact Dustin directly at Hitboxes[at]gmail[dawt]com. We've posted the Hit Box basics video and an interview with the brothers after the break.

[Thanks, Adam]

Posted by Joystiq Dec 03 2010 19:00 GMT
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A trailer for the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV has revealed two additional characters: Evil Ryu, the "what-if" version of the hero first seen in Street Fighter Alpha 2, and Oni Akuma, who resembles the "Shin Akuma" variant of the already-evil fighter. Check out the trailer after the break.

Images that seem to depict these two characters appear in the same leaked Xbox 360 Achievement image that showed Yun and Yang. So it would appear that all four of these characters are headed to the console game as well -- either that Achievement image is accurate, or a really clever (and prescient) fake.

Posted by IGN Dec 03 2010 10:29 GMT
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Arcade roster bolstered by two new characters.

Posted by Kotaku Dec 03 2010 09:00 GMT
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#pressplay It was already known that Yun and Yang were heading to the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV. That's not who I'm talking about. More »

Posted by Joystiq Nov 29 2010 21:40 GMT
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EventHubs has posted alleged screens of eight new Super Street Fighter IV Achievements supposedly tied to an unannounced DLC add-on. While the images do reflect updates to the game featured in this month's Arcade Edition release for Japanese arcades, they remain unverified by Capcom -- even if the new content is expected as DLC for the console version.

SSFIV producer Yoshinori Ono responded to tweets about the possible leak without authenticating the images, though he offered a "wink" in one tweet and a seemingly joking reference to checking with the R&D department in another. We've put in word to Capcom and will let you know what we hear back. In the meantime, anybody know a good way to counter Seiei Enbu?

Posted by IGN Nov 29 2010 16:59 GMT
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First look at the arrange costumes for the arcade version's newcomers.