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Xbox One to launch at $500 in November
The Xbox One will cost $500 at retail when it launches in November, Microsoft announced at its E3 press conference today. For comparison, the Xbox 360 launched in 2005 and cost $400 for a 20GB model, or $300 for the "Core" model.
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq Jun 10 2013 18:55 GMT in Xbox One
thats what you get for being slightly richer than americans on average
New Xbox 360 costs $200 for 4GB, $300 for 250GB
The redesigned Xbox 360 costs the same price as the existing Xbox 360 models: $200 for a 4GB model, $300 for 250GB, and $300 for a 4GB bundle with Kinect, Xbox Wire says. The new design is shipping to the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Ireland today, with...
news.xbox.com posted by Joystiq Jun 10 2013 19:50 GMT in Xbox 360 News
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'Tekken Revolution' is PS3 exclusive, free to play, launching this Tuesday
Tekken Revolution was revealed earlier today by a trailer tucked away 19 minutes inside of a video segment on Gamespot. The game, which is both free-to-play and a PlayStation 3 exclusive, will be available this Tuesday, June 11. Aside from the fact that ...
eventhubs.com posted by Joystiq Jun 08 2013 20:00 GMT in Tekken
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Miiverse update lets web users post and edit profiles
After coming to smartphones and tablets last month, the web version of Miiverse now allows users to post as well as browse. You still need the GamePad stylus if you want to doodle all over the Wii U's social network, but this week's update does bring oth...
engadget.com posted by Joystiq May 30 2013 17:30 GMT in Wii U
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Telltale Games headlines latest Humble Weekly Sale
The current Humble Weekly Sale spotlights developer Telltale Games in a pay-what-you-want collection featuring multiple episodic adventure games. Bundle buyers will receive all episodes of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, Back to the Future: The Gam...
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq May 30 2013 23:00 GMT in The Walking Dead
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EA eliminating Online Pass on existing games
As EA discontinues its Online Pass system for future games, existing passes are also getting the axe, making some content and even full games free, first on Xbox 360. Over the coming weeks, EA will get rid of Online Passes in its games, corporate communi...
neogaf.com posted by Joystiq May 30 2013 19:00 GMT in Electronic Arts
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N 2.0 is all the difficult running and jumping and dying you'll ever need
Metanet Software's N, which the developer describes as " that game you played in high school but forgot about through college," has seemingly reached its pinnacle. The wall-jumping, pixelated ninja platformer has been officially stamped version 2.0 and i...
multiplayerblog.mtv.com posted by Joystiq May 24 2013 15:30 GMT in N
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Gold Prognosticus
There was a version, N+, that was released on DS a while back. I gather some of the levels from that have been incorporated into this game.
Don Mattrick: 'If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards'
The Xbox One won't play Xbox 360 discs or XBLA games, and that doesn't really bother Microsoft Head of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick. "If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards," he told the Wall Street Journal. Mattrick s...
blogs.wsj.com posted by Joystiq May 22 2013 20:30 GMT in Xbox One
Xbox One welcomes 1000 friends
Are you too popular for the Xbox 360? The Xbox One is here for you by expanding your friends list limit to 1000, as revealed by Microsoft Support's official Twitter account. That's ten times the limit on Xbox 360, so even the most beloved of gamers shoul...
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq May 21 2013 20:55 GMT in Xbox One
hero of time
Xbox One, the next Facebook.
Xbox One not backwards compatible with 360 discs/XBLA purchases; Gamerscore does transfer
Microsoft's minty-fresh Xbox One will be unable to play Xbox 360 discs, nor will your multitude of Xbox Live Arcade purchases transfer to the new machine, our friends at Engadget have learned. The incompatibility is due to the fact that the Xbox One runs...
engadget.com posted by Joystiq May 21 2013 19:38 GMT in Xbox One
it IS a shitty cable box
I literally have a xbox 1 sitting under my tv already
except it doesn't play games
but thats what the wii U is for like 1 self above it.
Xbox One controller has new D-pad, integrated battery compartment
While the new console and Kinect might get the lion's share of attention at the Xbox Reveal, the good ol' Xbox controller is getting some redesign love on the Xbox One as well. The control will feature an integrated battery compartment, Wi-Fi Direct, "i...
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq May 21 2013 18:29 GMT in Xbox One

D-Pad for immersive gaming:

Steam Trading Cards enter beta
Steam Trading Cards are the next 10-gallon hats from Valve. If you understand that line, then the rest of this story will make sense to you. If not, then you have every right to scratch your head and ask "Why?" to everything that follows. In beta start...
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq May 15 2013 21:00 GMT in Steam
so now you have to earn things to earn things... to earn things
Humble Double Fine Bundle offers pre-order for Broken Age
The latest Humble Bundle is all about Double Fine and it includes a pre-order for Broken Age, the game formerly known as Double Fine Adventure on Kickstarter. To secure a pre-order for Broken Age on Steam (PC, Mac and Linux), pay $35 or more. This price...
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq May 07 2013 19:30 GMT in Humble Indie Bundle
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Keyboard Cat, Nyan Cat creators file lawsuit over Scribblenauts cameos
Nyan Cat creator Christopher Orlando Torres and Keyboard Cat's owner Charles Schmidt have filed a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit against Warner Bros. and 5th Cell over their creations' appearances in the Scribblenauts series. The complain...
neogaf.com posted by Joystiq May 02 2013 22:45 GMT in Scribblenauts Unlimited
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I was thinking that as well
Nintendo not doing E3 press conference, holding smaller closed events instead
In an investor presentation, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata announced that Nintendo will skip the usual large-scale E3 press conference this year in favor of "a few smaller events that are specifically focused on our software lineup for the U.S. market."One o...
nintendo.co.jp posted by Joystiq Apr 25 2013 04:18 GMT in Wii U
hero of time
The title was misleading. Sorry for upsetting you.
Ouya launches at retail June 4 for $99
Ouya, the diminutive android-powered console, will launch on June 4. The device will be available in the US, Canada and the UK for the asking price of $99. Meanwhile, Ouya's Kickstarter backers should begin receiving their units starting today.We got a c...
engadget.com posted by Joystiq Mar 28 2013 22:40 GMT in Ouya
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There's hardly any games that even require the use of controllers. A few days ago they announced that this would've been bundle with emulators, the only apps that are really controller friendly on the android.
Civilization 5: Brave New World launches in July, XCOM units playable
The Civilization 5: Brave New World expansion has been given a launch date of July 9 for North America, July 12 internationally....developing...
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq Mar 23 2013 22:54 GMT in PC Gaming News
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Capcom reveals DuckTales Remastered, developed by WayForward
Capcom is bringing back DuckTales in a new game developed by WayForward Technologies. This is one of the two new games teased by Capcom ahead of the "World of Capcom" panel, along with Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara. The new DuckTales, o...
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq Mar 22 2013 17:47 GMT in DuckTales
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Praise be to IWBTG and Dolan.
Minecraft being considered for PlayStation, Wii U probably not happening
Mojang's ever vigilant effort to lull the entire world into a Minecraft-induced coma continues, with the studio considering even more platforms for the ubiquitous time-sink. Though Minecraft currently has an exclusivity deal on Xbox, Mojang's Jens Bergen...
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq Mar 05 2013 19:30 GMT in Wii U
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not enough
minecraft is like an unfinished piece of crap tbh notch says its finished but its not like a finished product
Battleblock Theater's opening night is in spring 2013
We might have assumed this from the timing of the beta (starting this week), but Battleblock Theater has officially received a spring 2013 release window. The long, long wait for the game - we first heard about it as "Game 3" in 2009 - is almost over, pr...
devblog.thebehemoth.com posted by Joystiq Feb 26 2013 22:00 GMT in BattleBlock Theater
its like they just assume everyone has an XBox 360
Plants vs. Zombies goes free on iOS this week
For the first time in the game's history on iOS, Plants vs. Zombies has dropped to the low price of completely free. On either the iPhone or in HD on the iPad, you can grab the full-featured app for free through the rest of this week.Statistically, given...
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq Feb 22 2013 04:59 GMT in Plants vs. Zombies
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Sony patents 'Eyepad,' a Move-enabled PS3 tablet controller
It's important to remember, especially in situations like this, that the existence of a patent does not necessarily correlate to the existence of a product, or even a company's desire to build what it has patented. So, with that in mind, let's take a loo...
shacknews.com posted by Joystiq Feb 16 2013 18:30 GMT in PlayStation News
Steve Jobs is clawing his way out of hell as we speak
WSJ: New PlayStation to stream PS3 games
The next PlayStation will be able to stream PlayStation 3 games, according to unnamed sources "familiar" with Sony's plans. The claim comes from a new report published by the Wall Street Journal, and suggests that online streaming of current PS3 games wi...
online.wsj.com posted by Joystiq Feb 16 2013 01:00 GMT in PlayStation News
Are we serious just going to have a Nintendo-Microsoft console war in the future. Maybe apple will be in there too who knows. This is seriously looking like a repeat of fifth generation with two companies leading the industry and the third slowly dying off on the side.
Sega introduces line of console-themed laptops
It's not quite the return to hardware production that some Sega loyalists may be hoping for, but Sega's new line of retro console-themed laptops are expensive and doomed to obsolescence, so it's kind of the same thing.Manufactured in conjunction with Jap...
engadget.com posted by Joystiq Feb 15 2013 20:30 GMT in PC Gaming News
Paper Mario $20, Kid Icarus $15, Darksiders 2 $15 at BestBuy.com
BestBuy.com wants you to start your weekend with some much needed self-indulgence, because, like a supermodel slathered in megaprettyoxide-infused war paint, you're worth it. So why not treat your beauticious self to Paper Mario: Sticker Star, going at $...
cheapassgamer.com posted by Joystiq Feb 15 2013 16:45 GMT in Paper Mario Sticker Star
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Riot Games' plan to standardize eSports
Ask a couple of Riot Games' employees what goes into choosing players for League of Legends' annual World Championships, and they'll rattle off a strange series of acronyms and words that represent tournaments from around the world: Major League Gaming, ...
joystiq.com posted by Joystiq Jan 30 2013 18:00 GMT in League of Legends
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Vigil Games Lead Combat Designer stands up, says goodbye
Vigil Games Lead Combat Designer Ben Cureton and the rest of the Vigil staff cleaned out the office today, after Vigil was left untouched at THQ's auction. Vigil was shuttered, and as per THQ's letter to employees, everyone working there was laid off. In...
neogaf.com posted by Joystiq Jan 23 2013 23:45 GMT in Wii U
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Team Fortress 2 characters join Sonic & All-Stars on PC
While the console version has been out for a number of months, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is stuck at the starting line on PC until January 31. Luckily for Sonic and friends, they will be joined by Pyro, Heavy and the Spy from Team Fortres...
blogs.sega.com posted by Joystiq Jan 19 2013 17:00 GMT in Team Fortress 2
Fallen Shade
Weren't they initially modded over Danica Patrica?
Metareview: DMC: Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry, under the new direction of Ninja Theory, has garnered positive responses - from reviewers, anyway. Our review found DMC "does action extraordinarily well and manages to make Dante look like the epitome of cool with every move." Giant Bomb...
metacritic.com posted by Joystiq Jan 16 2013 00:30 GMT in Devil May Cry
Fallen Shade
well I can't really say I didn't see this coming
Sony patent shows redesigned Move with dangerous possibilities
Sony recently filed a patent that describes a method for determining the location of a PS Move-like controller through a sound capturing device. The patent describes the two-dimensional light-tracking that the current Move device uses in conjunction with...
engadget.com posted by Joystiq Jan 12 2013 21:30 GMT in PlayStation Move

I like how a few years ago gamers were portrayed as these unhealthy, unfit nerds, and now we're expected to be able to do some fifa bullshit