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Anyone play Wario Land Shake It for Wii? I just bought it like it's 2008


Haven't played that game in forever. We need a Wario Renaissance!

i've always found the warioland games pretty fun but i'm more of a warioware guy

I was going to get it for the Wii U Virtual Console before it shuts down, but then I decided to just get the disc instead. I'm looking forward to the entirely hand-drawn art style https://web.archive.org/web/20081020040603/http://wariolandshakeit.com/launch/developer_interview2.html

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Neat. Sounds like you'll have a fun playthrough. Macho Wario Lore: "He’s so uncool that he ends up being extremely cool" "He’s the kind of guy you could enjoy tossing back a few drinks with.... But I guess making conversation might be hard. (laughs)"

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That's actually the lore of me, ngl

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