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You know, i used to think complaining about which Actors are chosen to portray which characters was a completely absurd thing to complain about, that only extreme nerds would complain about for the sake of complaining. That was until Chris Pratt played Mario. Now i understand you nerrs.


You’re actually in the minority here. Most of us loved Chris Pratt’s performance in the Mario Movie. I think you’ve fallen into your own trap…

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there are absolutely no flaws in chris prattio

I just think he was Alright, the main issue for me is still the fact that Charles was literally Right There and was totally willing to voice the movie. but nah, they had to go for mr Big Name.

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That’s fair. I’ve just got a soft spot for Chris Pratt, but yeah, Martinet would’ve totally been the better choice.

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my life is like a video game, trying hard to beat the stage, etc.

ehhh i give him like a 5/10 it's easy to tune him out