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**Schweet Sixteen!** We outlasted Super Paper Mario now that you can't buy it on the eShop >_>. I know I've said this many times but I really am getting close to finalizing NERR 4.0. The plan is to transfer all the posts from here and NERR 2.0 over to a discourse.org install (but I'm thinking I'll leave the original forums alone or at least in a static archive). It will be a return to a more traditional forum interface with some nice new features. (I can probably open source my customizations too).


After the forum conversion, the next big project will be to port betalands to the Godot game engine. In time for bitlands to be a launch title for the /Switch Mk II/ of course

ヽ(°〇°)ノ The Elite Nerr has spoken! Shadoo's previous expectations have been shooken! This Schweet Sixteen has been surprisingly shocking!

we place our faith in you, francis i may have only been here for a couple years but i still know this is gonna be something huge

Real question is who's going to be the first to reverse engineer Nerr 4.0's API and release a bot into the wild

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Good news we get a real API so you can start preparing a bot now :) https://docs.discourse.org/

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Depending on whether I survive the next few months or not, I may have to get working on this...

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who's excited to see the homepage finally get an update

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“stay tuned”

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i mean maybe the godot conversion will actually happen

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Did he say open source? You know what that means Nerr Tree.0 finally!

oh nice, godot is a great engine