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Played a Fire Emblem game for the first time this week, and man. Maybe it's just because it's an older game, but my brain is nowhere near Wrinkly enough to play them.


Granted; it's Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, and the first thing that comes up when you look up it's name of Youtube is a video with the title "Why Shadow Dragon isn't as bad as people say" and that's just how you know something probably isn't of that high a quality.

schweet personally i started with FE7

I'm... uh... max level in all but one faction and sitting at 7 million gold in Sea of Thieves...

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how good is that

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Umm... like playing pretty consistently since a few months after the release date good. (Levels are 75-75-75-75-50 and 13/30) 864 hours played.

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pretty cool

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One of the best games in the series imo. FE8 benefitted from some more depth.