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also im here with a query: how does fandom influence a piece of media for you? does it end up getting in the way in how you perceive it? do you end up hating something if the fandom is ass for example i wanna hear silly takes


In cases like Nintendo games and Undertale/Deltarune for example, I feel like the fandoms are kinda overbearing/annoying despite being centered around good games. In others like Touhou Project or I Wanna Be the Guy, the fandom by far carries the games well past their individual face values. Personally, I think there's a good in between spot with smaller/less in-your-face fandoms... kinda like this one we all ended up in.

i really love small communities like this because i feel like i'm actually able to make friends over a shared interest when there's so little people... it took me like 1 year of lurking to be like more active i think (and the anonymity of being a small white dog helps!) im trying to branch out into fandom spaces again to socialize more and i still find it difficult with say,, undertale yellow where the discord servers ive found have like 1000+ people (and all of the fan projects are FULL i want to do ART for silly undertale game p le ase let me in, let me in!!-) most of my fandom interaction is with fanart. i dont know what actual fandom spaces are like outside of looking at art of it on social media lol

i'm not much of a fandom guy, things they do can be kinda iffy for me personally i mostly just have to trust my friends to care when i start talking about video games (not a very high success rate)

haha queery