digibutter.nerr lite

Modern Mario Kart in your web browser? How long do you nerrs think until this gets DMCA'd? My guess is that it still has another month or so before it gets too popular. https://github.com/Lunakepio/Mario-Kart-3.js https://mario-kart-3-js.vercel.app


depending on how popular it gets, within the next week

It's just a simple tech demo so I think they would need to expand upon it before Nintendo cared. Not sure if the 3D models are ripped directly from the games, but the paris 3D model came from here which has been there for 10 months: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/tour-paris-promenade-9d9b5dcfd6504ea0b582d36687e10fab

reply to Francis

Good point. I’m not sure on the source of the 3D models either, but I think just using the name “Mario Kart” and the Mario IP in general would prompt Nintendo to take action if development continues.