digibutter.nerr lite

francis when does digibutter vr release


digibutter VR is so web 3.0. I want a digibutter brainchip with built-in NerrBot AI!

reply to TheEvilShadoo

You’ll never live in a utopia, but you can glance into one. Economies are based on scarcity; the number of things you own or provide, and the things you can gain from others. However digital space has no scarcity, it’s impossible to make a digital asset scarce. On the web everything is unlimited; on the web we all own infinite worlds, we are all kings and queens. It's an economy of creativity, the only limits are time and imagination. Social media networks and crypto people try to take that away from you; because the best way they can make money is to put limits on infinity, they squash you into their format like a sardine in a can. It doesn’t have to be like that! tldr; web 3.0 can kiss my ass