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2007-2009 - digibutter 1.0

Forums with lots of crazy features like items to use on users and posts, tournaments, and even a picto-forum. Role-play character features, huge site-wide plots, a mod justice system complete with prison, and lots of drama.

2009-2014 - digibutter 2.0

A Friend-Feed-like social network to reduce drama and spam. Posts and Comments auto-update without refreshing. Forum areas for every game, and features to show off your gaming collection and progress. Auto-imported posts from gaming news sites. Yearly Sammer-Bowl and Tree-Decorating contests. Betalands MMO platformer & chat became the focus towards the end, which led to...

2014-20XX - digibutter 3.0

A chat-like forum with real-time updates and more mobile-friendly. Attempts to merge digibutter with betalands were abandoned, but 3.0 will continue to evolve as a chat platform, even if it's just to be the support forums for betalands and other experiments. The need for communities like digibutter have dwindled over time as people rely on apps and huge networks like reddit, Twitch, and Discord, but we will carry on. The bitlands game/community will be the focus going forward...

future - The Bitlands

stay tuned

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