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I'm hoping that Nintendo will make a new Paper Mario game for the switch. Please... just don't let it be like sticker star and color splash. Those games suck. I want it to be like SPM, PM, and TTYD.


I hope so too, but I reckon they'll still follow the format of color splash and sticker star despite fans wanting the original format. Also, someone told me that the creator of the first few paper Mario games didn't want to make any more after SPM which is why the format got changed. I'm not sure how true that is but that's what I heard.

I think what is more likely is that they continue the Mario & Luigi series and just drop Paper Mario. Maybe all these M&L remakes is a way to keep the series (and maybe Fawful) relevant as they lead up to a new title. I don't really blame them, since the paper theme is kinda played out as far as it can go. Personally I'd like to see a "Super Mario & Luigi" platformer RPG.

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I've never really gotten into the M&L series but I want to get into it (at least after my exams). To be honest though, I just want a game like Paper Mario TTYD.