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I came regarding a particular rumor about a Tiptron model up for sale; I'll take your entire stock.


There's Only One Tiptron, And Mario Is In Possesion Of It, So If You Want It, You Better Find Him

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Well, for some strange reason, that gent seems to lose contact with his partners with every game he appears in; poor Tiptron is probably sitting in his attic somewhere. What a colossal waste of technology... 999 coins was far too generous of a price.

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I´m Gonna Go See Him Tonight And Ask About It

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How Much Did Mario Sell It For?

I'll pay double the price you paid and an entry into the Smash Roster. I have far too many uses for a Tiptron model to allow an opportunity like this to pass by.

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Don't bother, it will be obsolete as soon as I finish Tiptron Mk. II

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tiptron mkII blueprints i made these they're not very high quality but they're good enough https://sta.sh/01hhh2iksdo4

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Looks promising... I'll pre-order the first model right now.