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https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/552317534620352545/554167053532135424/rvftgbnu.png Well um, Happy Mar-10 Day everyone! I've been very busy making these...


This is great! So it looks like we have either the chest enemy from Bowser's Inside Story or SMRPG and that weird stone enemy from the Volcano in SMRPG as well as a Mr. Blizzard, a Snow Pokey, another Mr. Blizzard, a Scuttlebug, a Bandit, all three Mimis, the Orb User, a Bob-Omb, and General Guy's Tank

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You've Pretty much got em all, the chest is from SMRPG. It was pretty time consuming to make each enemies but it was worth it so I had something nice for Mar10 day!

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This looks awesome!

I like em'

mimi is both best girl and the orchestrator of most of my nightmares (no joke i was very tiny at the time and she grew f--king spider legs outa her upside down head)

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And then chases you down trying to kill you to death

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yeah that didnt make things much better