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BOTW Sequel... fan theories go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fr1Z07AV00


All I know is we'll be able to ride bulls, and shit'll be wack. Ocarina -> Majora = BOTW -> It's sequel Can't wait for some edgy shit.

after a close inspection of the body, i noticed red hair, ornaments and a yellow jewel on his forehead, his shadow looks allot like demise (just as Ganondorf is demises shadow) basically this dead body is possibly Ganondorf

I wasn't keen on the direction Breath of the Wild took because I was concerned that future Zelda games would follow in it's footsteps - I just want to go back to the normal Zelda format for future games. Maybe it's just nostalgia or maybe it's just stubbornness, but I found BOTW boring compared to other Zelda games.

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i think the best they could do is mere the two directions, with more classic style dungeons and Majora-esc side quests, but keeping the gameplay style and open world from from BOTW

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Okay, so basically, Zeltik uploaded a video with some great theories. The spiraling hand being spirits sealing Ganondorf underneath the castle, link gaining new powers after the spirits lose the seal, by fueling themselves into link, and others. I also liked that the music used in the trailer is the game over music from the original Zelda NES. Also, dungeons could've been teased! https://youtu.be/P41zDDqjsbI

any reason why this couldn't be a prequel? 100 years before BOTW?

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probably already a game for that, idk, Skyward Sword might be what that is