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Heya, I know this is super random but anyone interested in making a Nastasia or O'Chunks Twitter Parody account? We already have Mimi and Mr. L (and quite possibly Bleck and Dimentio too) I thought this would be the best place to ask If you are interested, dm @SuperPaperMimi on Twitter I guess. Have a nice day! EDIT: We found someone to be O'Chunks and only need a Nastasia


I'm a forums guy rather than a social media guy. I might consider writing a bot or a frontend. It's not massively interesting though, social media is just about as dull as you can get.

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Understandable, I'm kind of the opposite lol

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unfortunately many people are. the internet would be a lot better were it not so, I think.

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Sorry, I don’t have nor do I think anyone else on here would be interested in making a Twitter Account. There’s already enough crap to go around without social media

Never used social media, never will.

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spoken like stallman himself