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they should remaster the original Paper Mario


or make an actual paper mario game, sticker star was a minigame. nintendo loves to do stuff like their sticker stars and their between worlds, just to break people's hearts.

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and also to slack the fuck off

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next thing you know, it's Luigi's Mansion 3. ...oh, crap, they did it. Seems like they're "remaking" games now. Look at Super Mario Odyssey and Super Mario Galaxy. Anybody see great similarities??

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Odyssey did feel like it copied galaxy a little too much and was honestly less enjoyable.

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Yeah, I mean the gameplay was largely the same but the gimmick sure did a good job at getting customers to spend their money. I swear it was hyped up quite a bit more than it really should have been.

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i do agree that the game play felt a lot like galaxy, and the open world thing is nothing new (64 and sunshine), but in a world where most games have paywalls or other features that suck the fun out of something (i know a broad statement). odyssey was pretty good, was it a masterpiece, most definitely not, but it was very fun, and the free additions to the game were very nice