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Flint Cragley News Broadcast: Professional wrestler Rawk Hawk returns to the Glitz Pit for the first time since he was injured in a battle against "the Sammer guys". A cure has been discovered for the "mushroom plague" of Acorn Plains that frightened Toads and mushroom eaters alike. Cragnon inventor Sidion Craggo invents cable television!


Does the cable service include The Rock Channel?

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The rock channel is quickly becoming one of the people's favourites. This is very significant for Flint Cragley as well, as he is now able to give the news without public speeches or going from house to house (which is becoming less and less reasonable as the population increases).

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Sounds conviennent! Let’s hope Flint doesn’t get lazy.

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How dare Flint spread such things!

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News update: Corona virus strikes the mushroom kingdom, Toad Town under quarantine. Transport of goods from Toad Town to ? Block Installation Services (?BIS) has stopped. We are waiting to find out whether or not Mario can defeat Bowser without power ups, and where the princess will go when rescued. An Excavation below Rogueport has revealed an underground complex. There seem to be many Dry bones scattered about, as though some massacre occurred there. Live on site, we have Kolorado reporting his finds. "Our current findings have led us to believe that this was a palace of some sort, though we are yet to find the ruler. After scouting the place out, it seems as though somebody else got in here and looted all of the treasure. There are likely still hidden rooms left to find, so we'll continue searching." We interrupt this news broadcast with these messages: Have you ever felt like GETTIN' SOME BEEFY CHUNKS? Stop by O'Chunks gym and GET CHUNKIN'! Our main place is in Yold desert, just west o' Yold Town. To sign up, just call 274-0CH-UNK5

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I heard that King Croacus the seventh sprouted today!

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Whos the 5th or 6th

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Update from FCNB (Flint Cragley News Broadcast): We here at FCNB care for the safety of our staff and as such will be working remotely in separate offices due to the threat of COVID-19. You will still get your daily broadcast news but it will be of significantly lesser quality without our studio and camera / boom mic men. All upcoming interviews (yes, including the one with King Croacus the 6th on the royal baby) will be canceled until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience. As always, Cragley Ho!