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Hey, if anyone wants to play TTYD 2, a team made a spiritual successor everyone says is really good, called "Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling" https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/29/bug-fables-everlasting-sapling-review-paper-mario-12775740/


I’m somewhat interested in this, but I don’t like how the author of that article tries to present his opinion that every PM game after TTYD “wasn’t any good” like it’s an objective fact.

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Yeah but, I mean if its a game TTYD snobs can enjoy then its probably good, lol

Yeah I agree. The TTYD people who don't understand or have the capability to understand the grandeur of Super Paper Mario, the best Paper Mario! SPM is legendary and can never be replaced in the present, in our memories, and in our hearts. R.I.P. Bleck and Tippi (or should we say Blumiere and Timpani).

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Being a big fan of TTYD this is very interesting to me, I’ve never heard of it before and it seems like good timing since i’m getting a switch soon. It is however very frustrating to see the author of this article say SPM is no good… Absolute blasphemy!!!

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Blasphemy indeed! SPM is legendary

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A hat in time is actually kind of like a TTYD style story with 3D platformer gameplay, it's actually really good if you're looking for a new game.

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I've seen some people say A Hat In Time is better than Mario Odyssey, I havent played either but Im curious what you think.

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Other than a couple instances of weird physics, I totally agree that this is the superior hat-based platformer of 2017.