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I have a terrible, terrible secret to reveal. Despite having played through the game countless times from the beginning, I have not actually beaten the final boss of Super Paper Mario. I don't think I stopped because the area of Castle Bleck was too hard or anything, but I got distracted and never finished it. Previously I had restarted at various points throughout the game, so I have many hours of gameplay. I've played through Merlee's mansion many times, but have never seen the credits of the game I really like. My goal for this summer is to finally beat the game, so wish me luck!


YOU HAVEN'T COMPLETED SPM! The final battle is awesome, but the fact you haven't beaten the game means you haven't seen the ending! That's the important part! The ending is amazing so finish the game. Use Luigi for the Count Bleck battle and super jump under him. Maybe a power doubling item too!

Don't worry, when I first made it to Count Bleck at the end of SPM, I didn't have any healing items on me and for some reason I couldn't beat Super Dimentio without any (I was still fairly new to video gaming at the time). I had to go back to Flipside and then all the way back through Castle Bleck, so it took me like a year or two to actually find the motivation to get back into the game.

Personally, I found the bosses too easy compared to the Mega Muths in 8-4, which have 200 HP. Count Bleck only has 100 HP and Super Dimentio has the same 200HP. How does some stupid Muth have as much HP as the final boss but 1/10 of the XP? Muths/Mega Muths are the only thing that's game overed me.