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Anyone play terraria here?


Nope... can't help you, dude!

i do

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Yeah! I knew someone here would! Which version?

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pc and switch. do you have modded?

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I know you have a switch, so I'm going to recommend you try it.

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try what

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PC but I'm playing 1.4 right now.

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i have a ton of stuff researched on journey already

should we take this to nerrchat?

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Oh I'm quite far along already. What's nerrchat? Never mind...I fine with it.

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I’m really late to the party here, but I have terraria on PC. You probably wouldn’t want to play with me though, because I’ve only played it like two or three times for a short amount of time.

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Hmm... let's see silver armor is the furthest you've gotten?

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I have it on switch, I got into hard mode but then stopped playing because there was a new update and suddenly there are constant sandstorms that kill me every time I try to go anywhere

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Bridge over would help....

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Thanks, I'll try it out sometime