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LB: NerrBot: ReHatched v1.1 Release Notes Can you believe that NerrBot: ReHatched has already been out for just about two months now? Changelog: • Fixed the bug where at the end of a tictactoe match, NerrBot checks for a tie by seeing if the board is full before he checks for a winner • Made the tictactoe winner messages look fancy • Capped the maximum number of coins to be flipped in the flip command to one million. The roll command is not impacted by this. • Created a new "Ready" message to be posted upon connection. • A question mark is now required at the end of a question to use the yesno command. • Added a large library of 62 preset responses (including variations of the same questions) for specific questions with the yesno command. There is some lenience with capitalization and using nicknames (i.e. Shadoo instead of TheEvilShadoo or TTYD instead of Paper Mario: TTYD), but make sure to always type a question mark at the end of the qustion. • Added a single secret response for the yesno command where the response is neither yes nor no. • Added a library of 30 preset rating responses (including variations of the same things) for specific things to be rated with the rate command. Looking to add a lastseen command, user vs. user tictactoe support, and maybe cleanup the log in the next update. I still need more suggestions too. EDIT: Soo... Version 1.1 was kind of broken because of a weird Python "or" syntax error. I also tried to do a list.pop to remove an item where I needed to use a list.remove since the item was a string, not an integer. **v1.1.1 Release Notes** Pretty much just Version 1.1, but not broken... Changelog: • Patched the custom yesno and rate command responses not working because of a weird Python "or" syntax error • NerrBot: ReHatched now always appears at the end of the online user list. EDIT 2: I've been thinking of giving access to view NerrBot: ReHatched's GitHub repository to some trustworthy users who would be interested in seeing it. This would be helpful for me getting suggestions for future updates, it could help users interested in learning how to code to learn about Python, and it could just be open to view to anyone else interested in it. That said, would any of you be interested in this?


Yo this is cool. Good job

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Thanks! The testing begins now! To the dump I go!

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Testing complete. NerrBot is good to go!

I'm interested to test some of this out. The new Nerrbot update sounds pretty cool!