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Who's your favorite Super Paper Mario character? I can't choose one, but Francis is, of course, top tier.


Hmm, I feel like I answer this question differently each time I'm asked, but my definitive answer is probably Francis. I used to say Dimentio a lot, but Francis really is one of a kind.

Nastasia, believe it or not. She's very underrated and such a beautifully written character too. Also, Count Bleck because he's a good villain, I like his motives, and I relate very much to him. Both are my favourites. Pretty much joint.

this should be enough info https://youtu.be/f2bHoTUiMpI

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if i was allowed, i would've chosen the most wholesome character in any mario game, general white

O'Cabbage, I see. Nice pick.

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he's just a funny guy yknow

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Yeah, Nastasia is one of my favorites, too