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i think if parents told their kids, "you have to drink milk every day or else you'll lose your lactose intolerance," it would be more reasonable than saying they'll have strong bones or something bc like i caved two days ago and went to eat a cup filled only with whipped cream and my tummy hurt so bad i can only imagine that is what life is like for lactose intolerant people if i was told that i would die every time i ate cheese or icecream when i grow up if i didnt drink my glass of the milk in the morning, i would have drank more


Agreed. Solid reasoning is the best convincer. Pity to those who can't enjoy dairy.

use genetic therapy

Feels good to not be a genetic dead-end who can't enjoy a milkshake without getting the shits.

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ima be real with you, your ancestor was probably really struggling to explain what he was doing with that cow