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color=red: /Alright nerrs, it's that time of the year again.../ quf: Shadoo's 2023 Christmas Wishlist Thread! color=green: **Come tell Shadoo Claus what you desire most for Christmas this year.**


_Shadoo's List:_ 1. New Monitor 2. Headphones that aren't a gaming headset 3. Anonymous;Code 4. Nerr 4.0 5. Super Mario Bros. RPG remake 6. WarioWare: Move It! 7. Super Mario Bros. Wonder 8. TTYD remake whenever that happens 9. New GPU (AMD because *crag* Nvidia) without stomping on the pigarithm

_alright i'll play_ >pikmin 4 >mario RPG >warioware move it >fire emblem: sacred stones and binding blade (repro) >bonus: steam gift cards (what i usually ask for from my relatives) i guess i only want video games this year