E3 2010
Posted by Francis Jun 12 2010 13:58 GMT in Digibutter News
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It's almost here!  The stream of gaming news is steadly increasing as big announcements are made and new games are shown.  Here are the Big 3 press conferences:

  • June 14th @ 10AM PT : Microsoft
  • June 15th @ 9AM PT : Nintendo
  • June 15th @ 12PM PT : Sony

I personally am excited about seeing the Nintendo 3DS, and hopefully we'll finally see a redesigned/slim Xbox 360.  Do you think there will be any surprises this year?


HE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply by FrozenWinters Jun 12 2010 16:26 GMT
The 3DS is pretty much confirmed to have a joystick and not a shitty PSP-like nub.
I'm pumped to see Killzone 3, Infamous 2, and LBP2 in action as well.
Reply by Shrowser Jun 12 2010 19:43 GMT
Wasn't there supposed to be a Natal press conference on the 13th?
Reply by Lord Crump Jun 13 2010 01:49 GMT
Nintendo did not disappoint. 3DS, new Zelda, DK Country, Kid Icarus, Kirby, Goldeneye, ... oh my
Reply by Francis Jun 16 2010 13:02 GMT

Nintendo basically totally owned E3.

You have no idea how much they owned, I tells ya.

No contest.

Reply by Ruki Jun 16 2010 14:20 GMT
You only say that because Nintendo's conference had more nostalgia value.
Reply by ©na Jun 16 2010 18:21 GMT
well nostalgia value always adds a little UMPFH to the game and its hype, like if the mario bros series had started out like SM64, then NSMB wii wouldnt have as much hype or popularity as it currently does.
Reply by Super-Claus Jun 16 2010 20:10 GMT
sony and microsoft really showed up e3 with all their massive catalogs and reveals of GROUNDBREAKING GAMES really they were so good
They still look like top-notch, memorable games. They're looking wonderful and bring back some beloved franchises in tried-true or new and interesting forumulas that look like a blast to play. Not all of them are simply appealing to nostalgic value; they just look plain good. There's also still the 3DS as well and how it's going to improve portable gaming.
Reply by Viddd Jun 16 2010 20:11 GMT
For the big three, it goes:
Nintendo > Sony > Microsoft
Nintendo: I was really happy to see a ton of brand new games like Kirby: Epic Yarn and especially Donkey Kong Country Returns (mine cart levels ftw). GoldenEye is eeeehhhh. I'm not sold on motion controlled fps. The 3DS announcement and trailer were pretty epic.
Sony: I was extremely pleased with Sony this year. Killzone 3 looked amazing, but the 20 minute 3D TV talk was boring. I was happy they didn't spend too much time with the PSMove, but they showed a few games that worked well with it like Sorcery, Heroes on the Move, and Tiger Woods. LBP2 was looking good as well as Infamous 2 and Gran Turismo 5. I was a little worried about the PSN+ service, but it doesn't sound too bad. The new PSP ads feature an annoying negro boy. Portal 2 stuff with Gabe was pretty exciting. Twisted Metal announcement was ridiculously epic. Oh yeah, and that Kevin Butler speech made me weep like a baby.
Microsoft: I actually had hope in Microsoft this year. I've been thinking about purchasing a 360 recently. Unfortunately I was completely mistaken. They showed about 15 minutes total of games people actually cared about like Halo, Gears, and Black Ops. The rest of the presser featured overly-excited actors pretending to play games on the Kinect. Did I say games? I meant blatant Wii rip-offs such as KinectSports (WiiSports), KinectAdventures (WiiSports Resort), Kinectimals (Nintendogs) and some fitness game which is obviously a rip on WiiFit. Honestly, the PSMove is pretty much a blatant copy of the Wii as well, but it had a lot more actual games to offer that supported the technology.
Reply by Shrowser Jun 16 2010 21:42 GMT

"The new PSP ads feature an annoying negro boy"

don't be trash talkin' about marcus, dude

Reply by Viddd Jun 17 2010 02:34 GMT
I'm sorry, but it made me cringe.
Reply by Shrowser Jun 17 2010 02:39 GMT
Reply by ©na Jun 17 2010 02:53 GMT
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