*Another* Returning User from the Past

Howdy heya y’all! Been a while. Like, a few years! Pretty sure my last post on the older forum was also a post saying it had been years since I checked out this site lol.

Nevertheless, I am BACK! Dunno how many of y’all remember me, but I was the guy with the Bubble Bobble sprite a few years back. Was playing the TTYD remake and suddenly remembered this site existed. So sick that it’s still running after all this time!

Anyways yeah I’m back! Might stick around for a bit, we shall see, figured I’d pop in.


Very cool!.. Honestly, I have no idea how long a few years ago was…

Ive been semi-active for over 5 years at this point, and its pretty much a blur to me now.

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Oh, hey! I remember you lol. Welcome back!

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Welcome back


Welcome back, I’m Tree.