i modded my 3ds

the boy is hacked
give me game recommendations
i need to get one of those, silly 16 gig micro sd cards bc my baby boy has the storage space of a windows 98 computer and i am Not deleting the denpa men 2 off of my ds

currently playing cave story! but i am already stuck in the first area-



as some people may have guessed.

Good work modding your system! Lots of fun to be had further on.

cave story is the most banger video game of all ever and i commend your decision

good job

hmm maybe i should try a cave story hard mode playthrough

Nice! Love to hear it. Have fun, and you’re lucky to not have accidentally gotten Cave Story 3D. That version’s not so great.

nope, ds version! only 10 mb too!! forgot just how small old games are,,, i love when games didnt take up so much storage lol

I will soon have a N2DS XL which I’m gonna hack the second I get it lol

I recommend Mario 64 DS with Analog control patch + Widescreen https://youtu.be/l_d3H2bkZHM

Also for actual 3DS games, if you like Cave Story you may like the SteamWorld Dig series, those are great. Especially the second one


steamworld dig!! ty i will remember that :>
i now have a big boy 32 gb micro sd card which i hope will work on my 3ds

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