NERR 4.0 IS HERE! Some feature highlights

Just a quick highlight of features:

  • Old-school forum topics
  • Formatting & polls :bar_chart:
  • Chat :left_speech_bubble:
  • Notifications & Emails :bell:
  • Image uploads! :butterfly:
  • Search :mag:
  • Badges :trophy:
  • Points :1st_place_medal:
  • Dark-mode :night_with_stars:
  • An API :robot:
  • SSL :lock:
  • emoji

Coming soon:

  • Avatars (draw-your-own)
  • Other fun digibutter stuff
  • ??? share your ideas ???

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okay okay i came up with some badge ideas
after 100 posts - true nerr
500 posts - ultra nerr
1000 posts - terminally online
secret - you wrote a specific word in one of your posts and then got the badge. no idea what the word is, forever a secret


+1 to Ackari’s badge suggestions.

My suggestions/ideas:

  • Old digi links are kinda broken since they attempt to redirect to Nerr 4.0 by default.
  • discourse-who’s-online plugin
  • User banner ads if feasible (Discourse Advertising - plugin - Discourse Meta) or some additional decoration on the top bar (maybe like the clouds I use in the banner on my website (

Need Tree

But is coo…
Dark mode!?!