Old-school Nerrs

Hi there, I was Twytch/Ocelot back on the original Digibutter! I just found out about the new update and came to check it out. I joined in October 2007 and was active until shortly before Digibutter 2.0 launched. I was active on Digi just as I was starting high school… which means I’m turning 30 this year.

I actually hadn’t played Super Paper Mario when I joined! I signed up because of my IRL best friend and picked up on the references as I went. I did buy TTYD because of Digibutter though and it became one of my favorite games of all time! Later on I watched a full stream of SPM and can say that I love it as well.

The original Digibutter was special because it introduced me to a lot of wonderful people that I’m still in contact with to this day. Basically all of the users from 1.0 ended up migrating to new forums/groups when the site was updated but for the most part the ones I know of have stayed together all this time. Digi 1.0 definitely had its cycles of drama but overall it had the best community out of any online forum/group/etc I’ve ever been a part of.

Some of the best memories:

  • Fort Francis in Second Life. We had communal land in the game with our own building and users could make their own rooms. I didn’t play much Second Life myself but I got to tour it a couple times with my friend who was one of the main people that managed it.

  • The Sammer Bowls, Tree Decorating Contests, etc. Francis was always tinkering with something on Digibutter which made it exciting to be a part of.

  • The gigantic roleplay plots and roleplay offtopic shenanigans. You could make roleplay alts on the same profile which would change your name and avatar for posts. I was an RPer and the community kinda separated onto its own forum before the update to 2.0. Different cliques on the site had their own “secret” forums at one point as well.

  • The HP/MP/item/coin system as a whole. You could create items, use them to attack other players, and if you died you could post in the Underwhere board. I once spammed about two dozen threads in there and it took about half a day for the mods to even notice. You could also be jailed by the mods as punishment and would only be able to post in one locked board with other jailed users.

  • one user was FILTHY RICH and had a monopoly on selling cheap attack items. If you wanted to attack someone quickly and cheaply, you would probably buy from Ulti-Mario Mart.

  • People launching fireworks (?) and getting to put text at the top of the forum. NOBODY abused that /s

  • Many of us got addicted to Guild Wars 1 thanks to Exuro. Honestly it’s hard for me to think about Digibutter without associating it with Guild Wars

  • Short-lived servers like my WoW private server where we all had GM powers and our laggy as *crag* TF2 server. Also all the times we played LittleBigPlanet.

Major props to Francis for keeping the site going and continually updated! I like the modernized forum layout so far. I spent some time browsing the archive of 1.0 earlier and while it makes me cringe hard knowing that my moody teenage years are immortalized there I’m overall thankful that it’s still accessible. I hope all is well and thanks for providing the most important online space of my young adult years.


Did someone summon me

No, just Tree decorating.
Foolish!! Tree is already fashionable.

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