Pikmin memorial

Let us take a moment to mourn the deaths of the 175 Pikmin that were lost on 2024/04/14. 50 were lost to the orange bulborb army. 35 died in a targeted bombing. 1 drowned in a puddle. The remaining 89 gave their lives in the battle against the Emporer Bulblax.
During my first mission into the Bulblax Kingdom, 99 lives were lost. I barely made it out alive with a single white Pikmin remaining. Unfortunately, this was not enough to carry back the final treasures of the cave. As a result, I was forced to go back a second time. All 99 of those innocent lives, lost for nothing… I failed them. I was not ready to lead them into battle. I take personal responsibility for the lives that were lost that day.
And, what was it all for, in the end? $1’323. A measly pile of cash. That’s all those 175 lives were worth. $1’323.
Hocotate Freight has only worsened the issue. So many lives lost… Olimar, kept from his family… All because of the president’s incompetence. This needs to end.

Pikmin is actually a metaphor for colonial empires. Theres a reason that the game is about a foreign white man exploiting colored natives, and then abandoning them once his profit has been made.

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The truth exposed
Nintendo’s been real quiet since that comment dropped

Never forget the 175 Pikmin

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Pikmin, more like Di-

…-ed tragically, so sorry for your loss.

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