[poll] Allow anonymous posting into The Dump?

  • Yes
  • No
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Not even sure if it’s feasible, but it would probably be a form on a separate page somewhere that makes a new topic in The Dump .

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look i think we’ve had enough anonymous posts now

We’ve had some way to post or chat without login ever since the original cbox

i think bc this place has the extra security measures that it does for posting i think it should be fine!! i think having the anonymity helps sometimes
i prolly wouldnt have joined if i didnt start as a silly anon so thats also part of my bias
but with the threat of old man pizza still on the loose… maybe if we get spammed again somehow it just gets turned off


I originally was going to vote no, but Francis has a good point. Most of us here, myself included, made their first post on this website anonymously. I guess I say allow anonymous posts in the dump for now, but if they become consistently low quality, then we should just get rid of it.

But what if Tree forgets account? SadTree that what happenes