Posting Like it’s 2007

Posting like it’s 2007 on my ThinkPad X200. 4.0’s running great even on its 2.4GHz Core2 Duo P8600 CPU. Still the best laptop keyboard I’ve ever typed on.


man i wish i owned funky old computers
i only own funky old consoles

pretty sick keep it up

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Yeah, that thing looks compact… SCHWEET!


Nice plush, too.

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Me when no embed :frowning:
But oh well

put it on its own line

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Ah, neat!

Thinkpad X200 running Librewolf? Extremely based hi-technicaaaal!

Also that “GNU/Linux inside” sticker is really cool, what distro are you running?



It’s running Gentoo. Before you think I’m crazy for compiling everything on it: I don’t. I also run Gentoo on my PC, so I can compile everything over there and then the X200 downloads from it as a binhost. It actually gives a pretty significant performance boost over using a binary distro.

every time i see someone compile gentoo i start drooling uncontrollably, HELP!!

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