Quick! Buy that domain!

Free Digibutter SEO for 2024? Though I suppose one must be much more careful about not stepping on Nintendo’s toes these days…

I haven’t seen that one, but a “feather-loss” site might get a lot of traffic. :wink:
How did you get to that dialog?


I eavesdropped on the crows with Vivian again after completing chapter four. The dialogs with each of the NPCs changes after completing each chapter.


oh wow I wonder how many people have bothered to do that

It was like that in the original too. I only bothered to check in on the crows and the Fire Emblem toad because I knew they would have funny dialog.

Crow Crow #1: [1]
I’m thinking of developing a pay site called “Paper Mario Weekly”…

Yeah, it would provide real-time updates on Mario’s location and activity.

Crow Crow #2:
Hey, that’s a good idea!

See, there’s always a market if you can meet the users’ needs like that!

Crow Crow #1:
I’m thinking of starting a new pay site.

It’s going to be a real-estate listings page that I’ll call “Luigi’s Mansion.”

Crow Crow #2:
Hey, that sounds good, too!

But… I think I’ve heard that name before. You don’t want rabid lawyers attacking you…

  1. from Dialogue Tree - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door ↩︎



They’re actually hinting at the next Mario + Rabbids game, Rabid lawyer is gonna be a new character

(Seriously tho I’m surprised they mentioned their lawyers lmao)