The future is now

The 4th era of nerr has begun
Ready your digital butterfly pics and brush up on Grodus Chronicles lore, it’s time


…The first series has so many episodes, like 600… Should i start with the first or just watch one of the reboots? I’m worried I won’t get the whole story though because some of them got cancelled…

Should I just read the novels instead???


Hmmm… good question. Maybe just skim through the novels. Once you’ve read them enough times, all you need is a quick look, and your brain will fill in the rest of the details.

It’s always so hard which lore to follow more directly though. Because there’s a few plot changes between the manga, the novels, and the show, and even between the different language translations! Did you know they mentioned Grodus’s wife once in the Japanese version? Crazy stuff

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Duh, every real Grodus Chronicles fan knows that.
But it’s still pretty neat.
I think the canon agreed upon by most of the hardcore fans was the novels, but the show is more popular so that became the official canon. Bit unfortunate that there’s such a divide between fans of the novels and the show, but eh I’m just happy more people are taking interest in the series.

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personally i wish more people would pay attention to the games, specifically grodus incarnate and x-naut archives on DS

most people brush them off for their odd story and gameplay but they actually have some important lore and foreshadowing for both the novel and TV canons (and even some references to the original manga too)

they’re actually pretty fun once you adjust to them, i’d recommend playing them if you can find a copy


I haven’t actually read the comics. I refuse to open The Grodus Chronicles comics, as I keep them safe in a plastic wallet so they may never be damaged. Wouldn’t wanna get dirty fingerprints on a collectors item!!


Plus, it helps you complain about things youve never read/played…!


Exactly! Which is a key part of being an Elite Nerr, of course