TTYD presales survey from Nintendo

do this survey if you want more paper Mario games made to show its profitable for them


Aye aye! I’m a bit surprised that I haven’t received an email with it yet since I preordered the TTYD remake.

Done! It feels a bit surreal to see Super Paper Mario officially recognized by Nintendo again. I think its last reference was the Count Bleck trophy in Smash U.

Some interesting questions in there like what TTYD characters do you like (setting up a sequel?). Asking if we like the battle system :bulb:. And they left out Wii U from the list of consoles you play :cry: :headstone:

selected every single option that was just “HOLY SHIT YEAH I LOVE TTYD”
classic PM is so back

no way they shut down the survey after one day i was gonna fill it out nooooo