Check out this schweet smart watch I just got. It measures heart rate, blood oxygen, distance, sleep, has the weather, displays texts, and even has a crappy version of flappy bird to boot. It’s also waterproof and has a pretty nice display too. Only $25 on sale on Amazon right now. No complaints :grinning:

Francis, where’s the Geek Gear board? :franis: :thinking:


+1 to geek gear

honestly i’ve never wanted a smart watch, always seemed a bit too much like having a phone strapped to my body at all times
pretty schweet nonetheless

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I used to feel the same about them; that’s why I’ve held off on getting one for so long. This here’s basically a FitBit stretched out into watch form. I see it as a fitness tracker rather than a phone strapped to me. I took the plunge on getting it since it was only $25 and I had a gift card. Would (and did) recommend.

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alright i can see that
i suppose that sentiment moreso applies to like the apple watch which pretty much has all the same features as an iphone but worse

if there’s a choice that i can take to use my phone less then trust me i’ll take it every single time

ultra secret

geek gear could actually be a sick board to have for posting about consoles (i.e. super switch 2), setups, or even just general nerdy collectible type things

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I have a drawer full of smart watches… never got used to it. I’m going to wait until a watch can totally replace my phone as in I don’t have to have two cell phone plans.

seems really cool! i’ve never been a watch person but that is like concerningly cheap for something that has that much tech in it
glad youve been liking it!! i have no idea how it measures blood oxygen, that’s so interesting to me

yeah i never got how those smart watches can get vital signatures n stuff lol