You can now pick an emoji avatar! Which will you be?


We need SPM emojis tho :pray:

Probably not for avatars, but I can easily add more for posts: :franis: :tippi:


i’ll probably just stay as A personally

Gimme that trumpet :trumpet: :trumpet: :trumpet:

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out of these? prolly the lil strawberry cake! but i still like the annoying dog pfp better teehee

Probably the :penguin: emoji. I love penguins.

Please do! Would love one of Mr. L doing his funny lil L pose he does when he introduces himself in 4-4. Also any O’Chunks would be hilarious ngl.

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Not to go against your idea of emoji avatars, but my idea, like Mr. L’s, is to have a selection of Paper Mario themed avatars (maybe use catch card pictures) and then maybe in the future implement overlays for unlockable badges/awards sort of like the party hats from 1.0/1.5.

Well I’m not a big fan of selectable avatars anyways (reminds me of the limited Switch icons). Emoji is similar but the benefit is it’s super easy to change colors and sizes to make it a bit more “personal”. For other images I’d have to figure out how to do the same with SVGs, but if you want to find me some simple Paper Mario SVGs that would be a start.

I do like the idea of “flair” to put on your avatar though (and that could be regular images).

I see what you mean about not wanting to limit us to a selection of avatars. I think emoji avatars could be cool and relatively personal, but I just don’t feel like they quite fit the whole digibutter theme.

I couldn’t really find any Paper Mario SVGs. Would emoji avatars be a stand in until we get a new avatar creator, or why not allow avatar image uploads? Or, even better, I’ll just stop complaining if I can have an awesome face emoji…

gif icons could be very cool if images were allowed someday! i feel like i’d grow into the emote icons after enough time as well

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I miss the tool that would let you draw your own pixel art profile pic

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This works now! The first emoji in your Name (not username) or “About Me” bio will become your profile pic :butterfly:

Also with this change if you have a Name, the first character in Name will become your profile pic (taking preference over your username, if you don’t have an emoji)


Where Tree
But if can’t will become SadMan instead.