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Smash Dojo
Item Name Short Description Usable Sold Left Cost
Banana-Peel Use on a post, and the next poster will slip on it! Posts 180 10 5
Bumper Use on a post and the next poster will bounce into a random website! Posts 94 12 10
Cracker-Launcher Announce a message with fireworks! Users 217 14 25
Fire-Flower Fire power! Ignite your enemies, they will slowly lose health. Uses 1MP. Users 21 21 30
Freezie Throw this guy at someone to freeze them. Users 135 20 10
Gooey-Bomb Can be stuck to users and new posts. Causes 30HP damage after 1 hour. Users-Posts 182 11 40
Pitfall Use on your post and the next poster will fall into your website! Posts 175 10 20
Smash-Ball Makes you super powerful, and everyone will know it. Users 0 0 0
Smoke-Ball Use on a post to hide who posted it for an hour. Posts 166 11 30

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