Smash Bros, Mario in Nintendo Direct Before E3
Posted by IGN May 19 2013 23:45 GMT in Nintendo News
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Nintendo has confirmed that new Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Bros. games will appear in a Nintendo Direct before E3 begins.

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Nice one IGN, misleading news two days late. Nintendo said they "will discuss" not "will appear"

Reply by Francis May 20 2013 02:24 GMT

thank you ign

Reply by sims May 20 2013 04:05 GMT
quality news reports for a professional industry.
Reply by Fortran May 20 2013 08:40 GMT
Maybe they'll shut their mouth if I stuff it with cookies.
Reply by Linkshot May 20 2013 16:03 GMT
join the cause
Reply by Super-Claus May 21 2013 00:47 GMT
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