Free Portal 2 In Motion co-op DLC out today on PlayStation 3
Posted by Joystiq Jun 06 2013 21:15 GMT in Portal 2
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The PlayStation Move-powered "In Motion" expansion for Portal 2 received a free batch of DLC today on the PlayStation 3, developer Sixense Studios announced. In Motion owners can immediately access the new content by installing a patch released today on the PlayStation Network.

Sixense's "Non-Emotional Manipulation" DLC adds a co-op campaign to In Motion, allowing two players (using two PlayStation Move controllers) to team up in split-screen or online cooperative modes. Cross-play with PC players via the Portal 2 MotionPack is also supported. A patch released last year added PlayStation Move support to Portal 2's core campaign and co-op levels, though Move-specific gameplay mechanics such as Portal Surfing and Scaling are exclusive to Sixense's expansion.

Both Portal 2 and the In Motion expansion are currently on sale for 20 percent off in the PlayStation Store. PlayStation Plus members get an additional 40 percent discount off the sale price.

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